2008 Meeting Notes

January 9th, 2008 – TTCS pizza lime

Held at PizzaHut, topics likely to be discussed :

Network Solutions accused of domain name front running :


T&TEC to deploy broadband over power lines :


Ordering an OLPC laptop from Trinidad ; Intel pulling out of the OLPC  :


Warner backing Blu-ray and what it means for HD-DVD

Microsoft Deprecating Some OOXML Functionality


Launch of http://trinidadtunes.com/

Saturday January 26th, 2008 – TTCS tech meeting – look at OLPC and Asus EEEPC

Two One Laptop Per Child (OLPC ; http://www.laptop.org/) laptops were available at this meeting at Handarnold. The unique features of the OLPC laptops :

  • the mesh networking capability allowing for sharing of activities between the two laptops (chat, video sharing)
  • ability of the OLPC laptop to be used outdoors with the screen being visible in the sunlight
  • the Sugar interface for the OLPC
  • the journal showing how it interacts with files and programs in a simpler way for kids to understand
  • various activities (“programs”) such as Turtle Art, Record, Browser, Etoys, Measure

Two Asus EEE PC laptops (http://eeepc.asus.com/global/product.htm) were also shown.

February 13th, 2008 – TTCS pizza lime

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society will be having a pizzalime on Wednesday February 13th, 2008 from 6pm to 9pm at Pizza Hut, Roxy Roundabout.

Come join us as we eat and chat about :

Contribution of $30 towards refreshments is expected. Copies of TTCS OSSWIN CD are available for $40TT. See you there!

March 25th, 2008 – TTCS pizzalime


Held at Pizza Hut, Roxy Roundabout. Topics discussed :

– The Education Ministry plans to install network camera in 36 schools : http://ttcs.wordpress.com/2008/02/16/trinidad-and-tobago-education-ministry-to-consider-installing-network-cameras-in-36-schools/

A lot of discussion focused on whether cameras help with solving crime and whether it is worth giving up privacy to make people safer.

– TTBS and DIS29500 : http://ttcs.wordpress.com/2008/03/07/ttcs-recommendation-to-trinidad-and-tobago-bureau-of-standards-regarding-its-vote-on-dis29500/

an overview of the recent activity of the TTBS and its approval vote of DIS29500

– The most popular Matt in the world registers a .tt domain : http://ttcs.wordpress.com/2008/02/17/the-most-popular-matt-in-the-world-registers-a-tt-domain/

J. Morris was present to discuss there will be a consultation done regarding how .tt will be run sometime in April 2008. A discussion on the various models for .tt

– Laqtel’s concession to provide mobile services in TnT revoked : http://ttcs.wordpress.com/2008/03/23/laqtels-concession-to-provide-mobile-services-in-trinidad-and-tobago-terminated/

– Internet Governance Forum deadline for workshop proposals is April 30th – does TTCS want to participate?

didn’t get time to get to this topic 🙁

Meeting concluded around 10pm

THURSDAY April 17th, 2008 – TTCS pizzalime

Held at Pizza Hut, Valsayn. Topics discussed/things done :

  • the recent Telecom Authority seminar “Balance on the airwaves ; free speech and responsibility”. The presentations from this seminar is online at TATT’s website athttp://www.tatt.org.tt/Broadcast_code/Seminar_Apr_08/Presentations.htm
  • unpacking of an OLPC obtained by the Give One Get One program
  • discussion of the TTBS voting to approve DIS29500

Sunday April 20th, 2008 – Hacking the Nintendo Wii Remote

Held at Handarnold, we demonstrated Johnny Chung Lee’s project “Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the [Nintendo Wii] Wiimote”. Visit Johnny Lee’s website athttp://www.johnnylee.net/ for more details. A video of this was recorded and is in three parts :

Part I is a presentation by Mike Tikasingh showing how the infra-red pens were made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs-Vwj6hnow

Part II is a presentation by Paul Worswick showing how the Nintendo Wii Remote was connected to a Windows PC wirelessly using Bluetooth. He then showed how to use the infra-red pen to turn a computer screen projected on a wall to create a interactive whiteboard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0eF-ejMXOI

Part III shows the practical use of the infra-red pen and the Wiimote to create a interactive whiteboard from the computer screen projected on a wall and then on a computer screen projected on a table. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT_HkU_jAIk

Wednesday June 18th, 2008 – TTCS pizzalime and demo of Amazon Kindle

Mike T. demoed a Kindle, an ebook reader from Amazon.

Other topics discussed :

– Trinidadian charged for turning off computer

– Business Software Alliance Trinidad ads

– Help Firefox get a world record on Tuesday 17th June 2008 – Jamaica had 1792 downloads, Trinidad and Tobago 1724 downloads

– the Trinidad Guardian website misconfiguration resulting in a demo page using PHPcow being online for over a day

– the TTBS wanting to adopt ISO/IEC 27002 as a voluntary IT standard

Saturday June 28th, 2008 – IPv6

Held at Engineering Consultants, Mr. Andre Thompson from UWI gave an informative presentation about IPv6

and details about RIRs such as ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers ; http://www.arin.net/) and the recent ARIN meeting he attended.

The presentation can be viewed as a PDF file :  TTCS-IPv6-20080625.pdf

Wednesday July 2nd, 2008 –  sending and receiving electronic payments

Held at TATIL offices on Maraval Road, Port of Spain from 5:30pm, the manager of the Trinidad and Tobago Interbank Payments System Limited (TTIPS)

gave an presentation about TTIPS and how inter-bank transactions worked.

Wednesday July 16th, 2008 – TTCS pizzalime

Held at Pizza Hut, Roxy Roundabout ; topics discussed :

Sunday July 27th, 2008, 5pm – TTCS Online meeting for SFD2008

Our first official online meeting using Skype to discuss plans for Software Freedom Day 2008.

Present : DevT, JacquelineM, DulcieF, AnilR, KurtC, MikeT, PatrickH

Meeting began at 5pm via Skype.

SFD2008 Venue

Venues were looked at to focus on fewer candidates for SFD 2008.

– Kurt to check ambassador hotel costs

– Anil to look at UWI SAC, LRC – liase with UWI CS. Shawn from UWICS will try to assist Anil in getting UWI venues.

Asking Anil to please send a copy of the letter that was submitted to Director of Marketing, so UWICS can send a corresponding letter supporting TTCS.

– DevT to contact National Library for Fire Station, booth for library

– MikeT is investigate Trincity East Bishops where anime city was held

– Type of Event

– JAM proposed Friday cocktail type event from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday meeting. Booths would be ready on that day and would be an invitation only event for businees persons, IT managers, media persons. Doable at UWI or Library or Chamber of Commerce. Venues like Tricity would require 7-10pm

  • Cocktail will be under control once we get the venue. JAM and AngeliG agreed to take the lead on this.

– Friday – opening speech mentions highlighting the presentations Saturday.

– have sponsors to offset costs.

– thinking is not to have SFD on Sunday since it was felt that attendence would be poor

– need to have security for both days.

– booths have more background info on a poster – presentations will have the full demos.

– have two rooms/areas for presentations. That way, concurrent sessions will occur.

– have Q and A sessions between each presentation.

– at beginning have intro of open source, a Q and A how many of you have problems with computing. This type of Q and A could go on throughout the day.

2-3 40″ LCD screens and DVD players for booths are available (JAM)

Wednesday August 13th 2008 – TTCS pizzalime

Held at Pizza Hut, Valsayn. Meeting was consumed with planning for Software Freedom Day 2008 ; what type of presentations could be done, and who would do them.

Sunday August 24th, 2008, 5.00pm – TTCS Online meeting for SFD 2008

A second co-ordination online meeting for SFD 2008.

Present : DevT, DulcieF, AnilR, KurtC, JacquelineM, GarthL

DevT updated summary of Old Fire Station being the venue on Saturday Sept 20th for SFD. Photos were posted to the ttcs-sfd mailing list a few days before.

AnilR mentioned no feedback from UWI re: access to venues. UWI as venue for SFD is not a option.

GarthL suggested presentation on SFD on Edubuntu,  http://elgg.org/ for ttcs website

GarthL suggests contacting IBM ; they could showcase stuff like OpenBravo http://www.openbravo.com/product/pos/

Agreed to do Sept 12th, 2008 at Guardian Life, Westmoorings as SFD media launch

– what booths for Sept 12th, 2008

– time from 6pm to 8pm

– refreshments will be served

– Nintendo Wii lightpen demo – need projector, laptop with bluetooth


– Ubuntu

– POS systems with OpenBravo

– Guardian Life table

– OLPC and Asus EEE PCs

– Edunutu

– IBM showing off hardware desktops running Linux

– refreshment table

– Network Attached Storage

– calendar agenda  published to wiki with several deadlines

– Anil to find cost of security guard for carpark for SFD 2008

– have Sept 6th 2008 meeting at Handarnold to practice sessions

– have Sept 13th 2008 meeting at Handarnold to practice sessions

– these sessions to be recorded for later use on Sept 12th and for SFD itself

– KurtC to work with MikeT to get T-shirts ready by Sept 6th, 2008

– intense discussion of schedule for SFD 2008 – tentative schedule for SFD 2008

– quantities of CDs needed – JacquelineM suggested 500 OSSWIN, 350 Ubuntu, 150 OpenEducation

– Anil to find out when UWI CS running booth to figure out the deadline for posters

– Anil to do form for list of attendees for SFD

– Anil to do form for list of attendees for media launch

Meeting concluded at 9:10pm

Saturday 6th September 2008 – TTCS workshop on SFD 2008

Worked on the various flyers and letters needed for SFD 2008

Friday September 12th, 2008 – SFD 2008 media launch event

Held at the Atrium at Guardian Holdings Limited from 6-8pm. See  Photos from the Media Launch at Guardian Life Limited, Westmoorings

Saturday September 20th, 2008 – Software Freedom Day 2008

Held at the Old Fire Station Building, National Library, Port of Spain. See http://www.ttcsweb.org/articles/sfd2008/ for a report. See a 38 minute video of interviews taken at Software Freedom Day 2008 and a Photo slideshow (13MB ; MP4 format) as well as a

Photos from Software Freedom Day 2008 at the Old Fire Station, Ministry of Public Administration

Tuesday 23rd September 2008 – SFD 2008 analysis

Held at Engineering Consultants, we discussed the SFD 2008 event and looked at some of the video footage captured at the event.

Thursday October 2nd, 2008 – PizzaLime

Held at Pizza Hut Valsayn, we discussed the recent SFD 2008 event and fastforward II, Trinidad and Tobago’s national ICT strategy for 2009-2013 by the Ministry of Public Administration

Saturday October 11th, 2008 – Workshop on Draft E-business policy

Held at Engineering Consultants, we discussed and planned our response to the proposed National E-business Policy of Trinidad and Tobago (PDF ; 745K ; 25 pages). The deadline for comments was October 13th, 2008. A wiki page was used : http://ttcsweb.pbwiki.com/Draft-National-Policy-on-Electronic-Business-For-Trinidad-and-Tobago

Monday 3rd November 2008 from 7:30pm – TTCS online meeting

Due to a meeting with the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) later that week, the TTCS online meeting was done

to discuss the draft Trinidad and Tobago Government Omnibus Technical Standards (eGOTS) which describes the technical standards in the areas of

• networking  (e.g IPv4, 802.11g, WebDAV)

• data integration  (these relate to the format of the data being transferred including file format types e.g DOC, PDF, MP3)

• application / presentation  (e.g POP3, CSS2, AJAX, RSS)

• security (e.g Kerberos v5, SHA-256, WEP,

• web services (SOAP 1.2, WS-Discovery, WS-Reliability v1.1)

to be used within and by the Trinidad and Tobago Government for the exchange of information between :

Government and citizens (G2C), Government and Businesses (G2B) and Different Government entities (G2G).

Thursday 6th November 2008 – PizzaLime

At Pizza Hut, Roxy, we discussed the problems of e-commerce in Trinidad and Tobago.

Saturday 6th December 2008 – Christmas Lunch.

Saturday 27th December 2008 – End of year lunch