Flow’s broadband pricing

Update edit : 30th Oct 2007 : new Flow pricing

Update Edit : 3rd Sept 2007 : Flow announces new speeds for its u-click unlimited 2 package

Update Edit (4:11pm) : clarified that pricing is monthly and added information and link to Flow’s service charges section.

Saw on the TTCS discussion mailing list, that Flow, (the cable company in Trinidad and Tobago) has released its pricing for broadband on its website and it is better than what the initial brochures had :

Broadband Internet packages from Flow :

All prices in TT dollars per month and are VAT inclusive

  • u-click 20
    • 20 hours per month, 1 email address ;
    • 1Mbps download, 256Kbps upload
    • $91.99
  • u-click 50
    • 50 hours per month, 1 email address ;
    • 1Mbps download, 256Kbps upload
    • $164.44
  • u-click Unlimited 1
    • unlimited hours, 3 email addresses
    • 2Mbps download, 512Kbps upload
    • $390.99
  • u-click Unlimited 2
    • unlimited hours, 5 email addresses
    • 4Mbps download, 2Mbps upload 6Mbps download, 2Mbps upload as of September 1st, 2007
    • $689.99
  • Flow Service charges (applies to all packages ; appears to be one time service charges with one exeception )
    • Existing Flow Customer Installation Fee : $114.99
    • Internet Only Customer Installation Fee : $158.70
    • Existing Flow Customer Modem Fee : $459.99
    • Internet Only Customer Modem Fee : $689.99
    • Modem Insurance ( Optional Charge) : $11.50 (think this is a monthly charge)
    • Stolen Modem (insured modem) : free
    • Stolen Modem (not insured) : full price of modem

Wow. Very impressive pricing. It is available for areas that Flow has converted to digital service. Wonder how TSTT and other ISPs are going to respond to this.

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Commonwealth computer recycling project in Trinidad and Tobago supports community development

From Caribbean Press Releases is this information about a ICT project in Trinidad and Tobago that has to date not been mentioned on the Ministry of Public Administration and Information website or publicised locally in Trinidad and Tobago. What hardware will be used? What software will be used on these recycled computers? :

Commonwealth — July 25, 2007 — Trinidad and Tobago will benefit from a Commonwealth Connects programme to fund a computer refurbishment project that will benefit schools and communities, particularly those in need.

The $100,000 project known as Computers for Communities will be managed by the Ministry of Public Administration and Information. It involves the collection of used computers donated by Caribbean governments and the private sector for re-use in Trinidad and Tobago through upgrading and repair. This exercise addresses the environmental concerns involving the disposal of computer equipment by refurbishing used computers instead of discarding them. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago will provide supplementary funding for the completion of this project.

The Computers for Communities project involves cleaning, assembly, software installation and configuration, quality assurance testing, distribution and installation of refurbished computers. This will help expand the pool of trained information and communication technology (ICT) technicians besides creating employment in the ICT sector and encouraging good corporate citizenship.

This project will promote the use of ICT in Trinidad and Tobago. It is in line with one of the focus areas of the Commonwealth Connects programme of promoting local access and connectivity within the Commonwealth. In Trinidad and Tobago, it is estimated that 10 per cent of the country’s population of over a million have internet access. This computer refurbishment project will enhance internet usage in the Caribbean country.

Another related article and a Google Search for more articles about this

TATT publishes “Proposed Costing Methodology for the Telecommunications Sector” for comments

The Telcommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has made available for a second round of consultation the document : Proposed Costing Methodology for the Telecommunications Sector.

This document has been updated with comments and recommendations from the first consultation phase in December 2006. Interested parties are invited to submit comments on the revised document to the Authority using the prescribed form (DOC ; 107K) and emailing it to policy a.t tatt.org.tt , on, or before Friday, August 24th, 2007.

View/download : Proposed Costing Methodology for the Telecommunications Sector (PDF ; 97 pages ; 591K)