Playstation 3 sales reach 1 million in Japan ; console battle for 2nd place

According to this Reuters report, Sony has sold 1.01 million units of the PS3 as of July 15 while Wii sales totaled 2.9 million units as of July 8 and sales of Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 have came to 420,705 units in Japan. Ars Technica has a breakdown of console sales in the US and Japan.

BitDepth column : Bringing broadband into Flow

Mark Lyndersay’s BitDepth July 17th, 2007 column in the Trinidad Guardian talks about Flow Trinidad’s expected broadband upgrade scheduled to take place in October 2007 with the connection of the ARCOS cable from Curacao to Trinidad by Columbus Networks (formerly New World Network). The prices on a Flow Trinidad brochure can be found in this post on the TTCS discussion mailing list.

Sigh….as a Flow Broadband subscriber who gets 20Kbytes/sec on a good day (my area hasn’t been upgraded to digital cable), this can’t happen soon enough.

(Edit Aug 12th, 2007 : adjusted BitDepth link to Mark Lyndersay’s website. Also see later post on Flow’s broadband pricing )

Microsoft SteadyState v2.0

Microsoft SteadyState v2.0, the successor to the Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP was released last month. Available for Microsoft Windows XP Professional, XP Home Edition and Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 2 installed, SteadyState allows administrators to control and protect shared computers (Windows computers that are used by different users in environments like schools, cybercafes, libraries, or at home with several kids). Apart from preventing end-users from altering Windows settings or installing programs, you can restore the computer to its default state after end-users ‘ sessions. This may have benefit to small businesses who don’t have domain controllers and/or have Windows XP Home machines which can’t use Group Policy to lock down the PCs.

Microsoft SteadyState is free and it is a 3-4MB download for Windows Genuine Advantage customers

Worthy of a future TTCS meeting!

Earthquake in Trinidad and Tobago

There was an earthquake yesterday (Sunday 15th July, 2007) around 9:30pm . It was felt in areas of Port of Spain and environs, Lopinot, San Fernando and St. Augustine, Trinidad. Magnitude of the earthquake was 4.0. So far, no reports of damage or injuries has been reported.

Amazingly, when there was an earthquake last year, I discovered that the Seismic Research Unit of the University of the West Indies (UWI) website was updated within the hour of the earthquake with information about the earthquake. Impressive that the seismic unit has a system in place to update their website soon after such an event.

Meanwhile other websites like the Trinidad Metorological Service still hasn’t been updated since 2005 and is still defaced (See TTCS podcast #5) and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) website also hasn’t been updated since 2005. Neither of these websites can be relied upon to find out information when tropical/wave/storm /hurricance warnings/alerts.