TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.80 released ; just in time for Software Freedom Day

The TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.80, a collection of over 100 Free/Open Source software (108 to be exact) for Windows is available for download.

  • Date created : September 3rd, 2007
  • File name : ttcs_osswin_cd_v1.80.iso
  • File size : 699 MB (733,886,464 bytes)
  • MD5 checksum : d8e7e33ede82cb33d538068a6c06f816 / d8e7e33e de82cb33 d538068a 6c06f816
  • SHA-1 : 0e0ff287 a70bdbc1 ef4af877 6882055a f9d99fd6
  • SHA-256 : f354aaeb f1025743 4dbad26f bb644b5e 15751ca6 a4bdab39 885418b3 3c12c91f

Changes from v1.77

  • added Sumatra PDF, Kompozer ; added link to the TTCS OSSWIN CD RSS feed on each page
  • removed Trigger, Nvu
  • updated Notepad2, Maxima, Portable Puzzle Collection, Sokoban YASC, Paint.NET, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Wackget, XAMPP Lite, ClamWin Free Antivirus, Keepass, Autohotkey

First download location is at Filefront ; other download locations and BitTorrent will follow in the next few days.

The TTCS plans to use this CD for Software Freedom Day 2007 (SFD) on September 15th, 2007. More about Software Freedom Day and our activities in another blog post. If there are other groups planning to use the TTCS OSSWIN CD for SFD, let us know (ttcs…I might even do a more up to date CD on the 8th September if need be.