Announcing TTCS FSWIN CD – Free Software for Windows CD available for download

TTCS FSWIN CDThe Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS ; announces the availability of the TTCS FSWIN CD (, a collection of Free Software for Windows, for download.

Free Software is software that meets the Free Software Foundation’s (FSF) definition : ;

The impetus for the TTCS FSWIN CD came from a request from someone from Free Software Foundation Europe (FSF Europe) ( currently co-organising Software Freedom Day 2010 (SFD ; and was looking for a Free Software for windows CD for SFD teams to use and distribute to the public.

While the TTCS has a TTCS OSSWIN CD, a collection of Free and Open Source Software for Windows
( ; not all open source software meets the Free Software definition.
A list of software licenses that meets the FSF’s definition of Free Software and those that do not can be found at

Hence the creation of the TTCS FSWIN CD since nearly all of the software on the TTCS OSSWIN CD matched the FSF’s definition of Free Software.

What was done :

  • All of the licenses for all 92 programs on the TTCS OSSWIN CD were examined. A short list of programs that didn’t meet the FSF definition of Free Software was determined.
  • For those programs, Free Software equivalents were located, documented and added to the TTCS FSWIN CD webpages.
  • All of the program descriptions for the TTCS OSSWIN CD was updated to mention Free Software instead of just Open Source and used to provide the web based documentation for the TTCS FSWIN CD.
  • Webpages and program were assembled together to finalise an ISO of the TTCS FSWIN CD.

Short sentences on what was done, but *lots* of hours involved 🙂

The result is the TTCS FSWIN CD – Free Software for Windows is available for download thanks to a mirror provided by the FSF Europe.

Details about the TTCS FSWIN CD, including the download mirror can be found at .

The TTCS will continue to maintain the TTCS OSSWIN CD, in addition to the TTCS FSWIN CD. With our experience of developing multiple versions of CDs, we are looking to develop a TTCS OSSWIN DVD and a TTCS OSSMAC
CD and/or DVD in the near future.


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