South School on Internet Governance 2017 from April 3-7 – how to watch online #SSIG2017

(Update April 5 : added SSIG2017 April 5 YouTube Livestream)
(Update April 4 : added SSIG2017 April 4 YouTube Livestream )

The 9th annual South School of Internet Governance (SSIG) is taking place from April 3 to April 7, 2017 in Brazil.

The SSIG’s mission is to

  • Increase the number of representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean region in the international Internet Governance debate spaces.
  • Motivate the new regional leaders of opinion to becoming active participants in Internet Governance meetings and activities, where the future of the Internet is shaped.
  • Make them the future leaders on Internet Governance in their countries and regions.

As such, various topics related to Internet Governance will be presented.

The SSIG 2017 Agenda show the times of the various sessions local to Brazil. Brazil is one hour ahead of Trinidad and Tobago so subtract 1 hour from the SSIG 2017 agenda to get the time in Trinidad and Tobago of the various SSIG2017 sessions.

Fortunately, the SSIG 2017 is being livestreamed on YouTube in various languages. You can watch the SSIG2017 English livestream on YouTube.