TTCS Computer Refurbishment Project

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) has started a computer refurbishment project in late May 2020. The goal of this project is, via our partners, to make available computers for school students to continue their education being done online due to COVID-19.

We are working with Restore a Sense of I Can (RSC) to refurbish computers. To date (March 1 2021 ) we’ve done about 250 computers and have about 30 more computers to refurbish. Our project has been featured in the Newsday’s August 13 2020 article “Rescuing computers from digital oblivion”

Refurbishing computers involves several steps:

…..from cleaning computers…..

Cleaning a donated Computer for TTCS Computer Refurbishing Project in 2020
Cleaning a donated PC (TTCS ;

….installing Solid State Drives….

SSD installed in machine being refurbished
installing a SSD in a refurbished computer (TTCS ;

….installing Windows 10

Installing Windows 10 on three machines (c) TTCS ;

….installing Windows updates and Free and Open Source Software

TTCS Computer Refurbishment Project
installing updates and Free and Open Source Software for Windows

…..then delivering machines back to RSC or to recipients

Refurbished computers by TTCS being readied for distribution

We’ve also asked you for donations of computers to refurbish and we’ve gotten about 40 computers and some laptops. The Internet Society of Trinidad and Tobago Chapter has generously donated dozens of Solid State Drives and WiFi Adapters which are greatly appreciated.

We’ve already donated several computers to families and delivered refurbished computers to primary and secondary schools as well as a Police Youth Club.

Given the COVID-19 situation in Trinidad and Tobago, we are attempting to refurbish as many computers for students as we can.

However, we need your help! Here’s how:

Spread the word

Reshare this page on your social media channels and/or website so that more persons are made aware of this project.

We want to reach out to CIO (Chief Information Officer), IT Managers or Senior IT Officers of a company, with a request that they consider donating old computers to the TTCS whenever their organizations do an upgrade.

If you know of any CIO (Chief Information Officer), IT Managers or Senior IT Officers of a company, complete the form at . Thanks!

If you have (preferably) working computers, SSDs, memory you’re not using that is less than 10 years old and running either Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, complete the form at . Someone from TTCS will contact you to coordinate pickup.

Make a financial donation

If all you can do right now is make a financial donation to this project, we sincerely need and appreciate your support. The TTCS will use such donations to purchase parts to refurbish computers.

You can make a donation to

Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society,
Republic Bank Account #160136544031,
U.W.I Branch, Trinidad.

Be sure to email us at [email protected] when you’ve donated so we can acknowledge and thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to those that have donated!

In no particular order : Pinaka Technologies, B. Timothy, M. Nunez and the Staff Association of ECLAC Port of Spain.

Dev Anand Teelucksingh, receiving on behalf of TTCS, a cheque from Johann Brathwaite, Treasurer, Staff Association of ECLAC Port of Spain

Be a part of the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society

If you wish to be involved with computer refurbishment or assist with other TTCS projects, sign up at . Let us know if you’re willing to be part of this project at [email protected]