TSTT announces Single National Rate for local fixed line calls

TSTT has published a advisory notice announcing a single national rate of 23 cents TT to any fixed line in Trinidad and Tobago from September 7th, 2007.

Here is the text of the TSTT press release :


TSTT wishes to advise customers of the introduction of a new and simple calling rate for billing fixed line calls across Trinidad and Tobago. The existing complex rate structure will be replaced with a Single National Rate.

The Single National Rate will eliminate the elements that currently determine the cost of a local call such as: distance; whether calls are made within or outside of your exchange area and time of day. All fixed line calls will now be billed using one simple per minute rate (The following exceptions apply: calls to mobile, international, 976, 800 or other premium services; independent ISP numbers and calls from Payphones will remain unchanged. Smart Choice customers will not be affected.)

The existing rates range from $0.23 to $0.69 per minute. The new simplified rate will be $0.23 per minute for all calls to any location within Trinidad and Tobago with effect from September 7, 2007.

Customers will now be able to call family and friends in any part of Trinidad and Tobago, at one simple calling rate. The Single National Rate is in direct response to customer feedback and conforms to international trends for local call billing.

Customers will receive more details in the near future and may feel free to contact TSTT’s offices for further information on the Single National Rate.

6 thoughts on “TSTT announces Single National Rate for local fixed line calls”

  1. I see that TSTT is up to its nasty old tricks again. Trying to milk the last dollar from the consumer now that mobile is barely breaking even because of competition.

  2. Does this mean no more 23cents per local-area call (Code A – Unlimited Time)?

    No more night rates?

    Does anyone know how much does it actually cost to make a phone call (i.e. cost to service provider)?

  3. Correct. All calls to/from any fixed line (excluding independent ISP numbers) will cost 23cents per minute regardless of time.

    TSTT would, but I doubt they would reveal that to the public. :-). I’m certain that the cost is far, far less than 23 cents a minute.

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