Apple : 9 million new iPhone 5c and 5s sold in just three days after launch

Via Apple – Press Info – First Weekend iPhone Sales Top Nine Million, Sets New Record.

“CUPERTINO, California―September 23, 2013―Apple® today announced it has sold a record-breaking nine million new iPhone® 5s and iPhone 5c models, just three days after the launch of the new iPhones on September 20. In addition, more than 200 million iOS devices are now running the completely redesigned iOS 7…”


Google Drive Blog: Freeing Quickoffice for everyone

Via Google Drive Blog: Freeing Quickoffice for everyone.

Everyone likes free stuff, which is why starting today we’re making Quickoffice available for free, for everyone. With Quickoffice, you can edit Microsoft® Office documents across your devices, giving you the freedom to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using. Quickoffice also integrates seamlessly with Google Drive storage so you can safely access your files from anywhere. And while the easiest thing to do is simply convert your old files to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Quickoffice gives you another way to work with people who haven’t gone Google yet.”

You can get the new, free Quickoffice app for Android and iOS phones and tablets on Google Play and in the App Store.”

Screenshot of QuickOffice (Credit : Google Drive Blog)


Last day of the DOTA 2 The International Championship Tournament

Dota 2 Screenshot (Credit : Dota 2 Steam page :

Today’s the last day of the The International DOTA 2 2013 Championship Tournament.

DOTA stands for Defense of the Ancients, which was a free mod for Blizzard’s “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos” and the expansion “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne”), nearly 10 years ago.

In 2009, Valve (known for the Steam distribution client and the Half-Live series of games) hired “Icefrog”, the maintainer of the DOTA Warcraft III mod to create DOTA 2 built on Valve’s Steam engine. DOTA 2 was in beta for quite some time, with players needing invites to be able to download and play the game. However, DOTA 2 is now out of beta and available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux as a free to play game.

Here’s some links with lots more DOTA 2 information:

So what is Dota? From the Wikipedia entry on Dota 2:

Dota 2 consists of session-based online multiplayer matches, in which two teams of five players attempt to destroy their opponents’ fortified strongholds. Each player controls a “Hero” character and, over the course of an individual game, focuses on improving their hero’s abilities, acquiring items, and fighting against the other team.

Dota 2 combines the real-time strategy elements of a traditional top-down perspective, while also incorporating the leveling and itemization functions of a role-playing video game. Players are pitted against each other as two factions called the “Radiant” and the “Dire”. The Radiant faction is based at the southwest corner of the map, while the Dire faction is based at the northeast corner. Utilizing one of six selection modes, players choose one of 102 “heroes” – strategically powerful units with special abilities, who, through combat experience, may progress to a maximum level of twenty-five. The heroes’ methods of combat are heavily influenced by their primary property, which can be strength, agility, or intelligence.

The basic setup of Dota 2 places two strongholds containing critical structures called “Ancients” at opposing ends of a geographically balanced map. These bases are connected by three main paths (referred to as lanes), which are guarded by defensive towers and groups of units commonly referred to as “creeps” which traverse their lanes, attacking enemy units and structures upon sight. Players are split into two teams, each consisting of up to five players, to compete as the primary defenders for each Ancient. The overall objective of each match is to battle through the opposing force’s defenses, and destroy the opponents’ Ancient. Because Dota 2 is highly team-oriented, players must coordinate with their teams in order to achieve victory. The towers and stronghold defenses are invulnerable to attacks, so long as the towers nearest to the enemy side still stand, and must be destroyed sequentially – a team cannot destroy the enemy’s Ancient without first destroying all towers leading up to it in any one lane.

The currency of the game is gold, which is granted steadily at a slow rate. Gold can be accumulated at a much higher rate by killing enemy units, destroying enemy towers, or killing heroes. Killing units grants gold solely to the player who killed it; killing heroes grants gold to the killer and any nearby allies; and destroying towers gives gold to all players on the team. Killing enemy creeps, heroes, and towers also provides experience, which allows the player’s hero to level up, granting access to more powerful skills and abilities. “Denying” is a feature of the game which allows players to inhibit the enemy’s ability to accumulate gold and experience by killing an allied unit or destroying an allied structure before an enemy can do so. Denying reduces the amount of experience and gold the enemy faction can receive for the kill. Allied heroes may also be denied if they are on critically low health and have a fatal spell applied to them.

Featured across the map are units referred to as “neutrals”, which are not aligned to a faction, primarily located in the forests. Located on the southeast side of the river is a boss called “Roshan” who typically requires multiple team members to be killed. Following his death, Roshan will drop a powerful item which allows for a hero to instantly respawn if they are killed.



Apple gives away 5 games and 5 apps for free to celebrate its 5 year anniversary of its app store



Apple App Store turns 5 years old. Apple launched its App Store on July 10, 2008 with 500 apps for its iOS devices (then iPhone and iPod Touch).

Today, there are more than 900,000 apps and Apple announced over 50 billion apps were downloaded from the App Store, with customers downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over two billion apps per month on the App Store.

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary, Apple is giving away 5 games and 5 apps for a limited time and also noting various milestones in the App Store’s 5 year history.

The 5 free apps (text from the Apple Store) :

  • Barefoot World Atlas – Learn about the world, its nations, and its wonders through this dazzling interactive globe
  • Day One (Journal / Diary) – Record moments every day using photos, places and words with this intuitive journal
  • How to Cook Everything – Learn to cook more than 2,000 gourmet recipes using this robust kitchen companion
  • Over – Help your photos stand out by adding custom captions, logos and stylish doodles
  • Traktor DJ for iPhone – Mix like a pro with a DJ app that puts industry-leading features right at your fingertips


and the 5 free games –

  • BADLAND – An Apple Design Award Winner, Badland is an incredible action game with stunning graphics
  • Infinity Blade II – With smart gameplay and gorgeous graphics, this action packed epic absolutely shines
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP – This elegant 8-bit adventure uses touch based puzzles to deliver a poignant story
  • Tiny Wings – This endearing classic features charming style and thrilling momentum-based gameplay
  • Where’s My Water? – A simple and challenging puzzle game that features intuitive controls and a lovable mascot

Visit the links separately or visit the  5 years of the App Store link  (note this link will ask you to open the link in iTunes)







Apple WWDC 2013 ; how to watch the keynote and read the announcements

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) takes places June 10-14 in San Francisco, USA  providing developers an in-depth look at the latest in iOS and OS X.

You can watch the keynote live (which starts 1pm local time on June 10 2013)  at but other sites are live blogging the keynote:


(Update 3:45 pm –



“Google Now” application available for iPhone and iPad ; video ad features Port of Spain, #Trinidad

The “Google Now” application that Google promises to deliver “the right information at just the right time” is now available on the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Previously, “Google Now” was only available on phones/tablets running Android last year (2012).

You can read more about what Google Now does on Techcrunch or on Google Now’s website.

However, when the ad for Google Now for the iPhone and iPad focuses on live flight updates as the time approaches and/or as you approach the airport, the illustrated ticket in the video shows a flight from Houston to Port of Spain, #Trinidad (17 seconds into the ad). Although there is no Gate C26 at the Piarco Airport in Trinidad and Tobago.

Direct YouTube link to the video ad for Google Now for iPhone and iPad