TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.99c available for download

The TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.99c (a CD of open source software for Windows) is available for download.

TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.99c Changelog :

  • Date created : July 27th, 2009
  • File name : ttcs_osswin_cd_v1.99c.iso
  • File size : 698 MB (732,170,240 bytes)
  • MD5 checksum : c323fc85d82ef26612942664d9b9ed4b / c323fc85 d82ef266 12942664 d9b9ed4b
  • SHA-1 : c3c81687 f2b146da abe64ed7 1718c590 941e04fe
  • SHA-256 : 84f04bf9 fcf2ba08 ee03ca45 bfff454f 22f78541 06bec39f 09795497 b6cc7c53

Changes from v1.99a

  • removed : Neverball, Enigma
  • updated : Notepad2, Sumatra PDF, WinMerge, TuxPaint, Tux Typing 2, Celestia, Childsplay, Portable Puzzle Collection, Sokoban YASC, Blender, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Filezilla, Halite, HTTrack Website Copier, Miranda IM, VideoLAN, ClamWin AntiVirus, UltraVNC, Truecrypt, KeePass
A detailed list of the software and versions on the TTCS OSSWIN CD can be found at
Two more games removed to cater for the increased file sizes of Celestia and the TuxPaint stamp collection.  Goodness, and Software Freedom Day 2009 is just around the corner, if a v2.0 is to appear before then.

TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.98 released

The TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.98 (a CD of open source software for Windows) is available for download.

Changelog summary :

  • Date created : February 3rd, 2009
  • File name : ttcs_osswin_cd_v1.98.iso
  • File size : 693 MB (726,781,952 bytes)
  • MD5 checksum : bd995787bd8c9e2c02494facae7e569d / bd995787 bd8c9e2c 02494fac ae7e569d
  • SHA-1 : 4fc17df1 fff099e0 497d9e47 4ce276e4 5162f360
  • SHA-256 : bf5d02b0 eb1321f8 e3ef2d9e 6829cc3a 52bf88ab 71672c9c 94441cba f67b4ffa

Changes from v1.97

  • updated :, Abiword, GanttProject, 7-zip, WinMerge, Wikidpad, Treeline, Tux Typing 2, TuxMath, Maxima, Portable Puzzle Collection, Sokoban YASC, GIMP, Dia, Mozilla Thunderbird, Filezilla, Miranda IM, Hmailserver, VirtualDub, UltraVNC
  • corrected : Grisbi download to include the GTK version.

Although the web based interface looks no different from previous versions, the method of updating and generating the web pages interface was rewritten. Now, the TTCS can generate different versions of open source CDs and DVDs, as discussed before.

TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.96 available ; note regarding translations

The TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.96, a collection of over 100 Free/Open Source software for Windows is available for download.

  • Date created : November 19th, 2008
  • File name : ttcs_osswin_cd_v1.96.iso
  • File size : 689 MB (722,694,144 bytes)
  • MD5 checksum : 35da602a6687be450d44439a9acbab8a / 35da602a 6687be45 0d44439a 9acbab8a
  • SHA-1 : 85c32d4e d5fddbd8 a618e609 bef931dc ee6b8513
  • SHA-256 : ec06766f 439a4258 ffd2091a aaec9f97 a69e5f25 38843273 5e74d988 016e2591

Changes from v1.95

  • removed : Win9X version of Notepad2
  • updated : GanttProject, Notespad2, WinMerge, Wikidpad, Treeline, Portable Puzzle Collection, GIMP, Blender, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Filezilla, Miranda IM, Hmailserver, VideoLAN, ClamWin Free Antivirus, InfraRecorder, Truecrypt, Keepass.

The Filefront mirror has TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.96 ; other mirrors at should have the latest version soon.

Now, regarding translations, I’m aware that the TTCS OSSWIN CD is being translated in different languages. I’ll will be posting an article on how the CD interface is generated, and would make the source files available to those who wish to translate the CD.

TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.95 released

The TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.95, a collection of over 100 Free/Open Source software for Windows is available for download. This versions features v3, Gimp 2.6.1, Mozilla Firefox v3.0.3 and more. Head to the download page or read below for the changes

Screenshot of v3
Screenshot of v3

TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.95 file details

  • Date created : October 14th, 2008
  • File name : ttcs_osswin_cd_v1.95.iso
  • File size : 690 MB (723,947,520 bytes)
  • MD5 checksum : 9e5954e32ded61234eee7436721a18da / 9e5954e3 2ded6123 4eee7436 721a18da
  • SHA-1 : 69a81c86 91a53ab6 4a227ebb 85048a2c 9450e78c
  • SHA-256 : a8eff099 0e0aaf29 a046228c ca309016 68c342a6 8ac6a45e f3b64ffe 80c69d09

The increased size of the v3 installer means more programs had to be cut from the CD. The following were removed from TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.95 :

  • Freeciv, SANS, Wackget, Win9x versions of Media Player Classic and Miranda IM

List of programs on the TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.95 :

BTW, Blender 2.48 has been released. Hate it when there are software updates just hours after uploading the new version of the TTCS OSSWIN CD.

future of TTCS OSSWIN CD

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) is looking at what to do for a TTCS OSSWIN CD 2.0 release.

Does anything need to change?

One of the big problems encountered with the TTCS OSSWIN CD is the space for programs. Updated versions of programs unfortunately are larger in filesize than their predecessors. Recently, more and more programs had to be removed (see the TTCS OSSWIN CD changelog). So, YES, something needs to change.

Here are several options the TTCS has considered. Ideally, it will be good to have a version 2.0 of the TTCS OSSWIN CD done in time for Software Freedom Day 2008.

Develop a DVD version of the TTCS OSSWIN CD.

A DVD would solve (for now at least) the file size problem and allows for many more programs to be put on a DVD and more material about each program (such as larger screenshots, or short videos, even. There are several concerns, however :

  • whether to maintain the TTCS OSSWIN CD concurrently with a DVD version. This relates to the difficulty of maintaining two software collections – it could be done separately but then this introduces more maintainence headaches and I’ve learned that the more hassle something is, the less likely it will be done (data backups anyone?). So IMO, a system has be developed/designed to allow for updates to the CD and DVD versions to be done in one location (ie : updates to the information text and the program is done at one location).
  • hosting a DVD might be too much for the third party mirrors for TTCS OSSWIN CD (to whom we cannot thank enough!).
  • the interface for a DVD version : the current interface for the CD will probably not work well with more software items in its menu. Already the Utilities section scrolls off the page on lower resolution displays (see screenshot below – there are three more items below Drempels yet on a 1280×1024 display, they are not seen). So a new webpage design needs to be also designed to cater for the many programs on such a DVD.

screenshort of TTCS OSSWIN CD interface showing the Utilities category

Drop the games from TTCS OSSWIN CD

With regards to the CD version, a possible option being explored is to drop the games section from the TTCS OSSWIN CD. This will allow space for more programs in the other categories in the short term. Also the easiest option to implement.

It has been suggested by some that the presence of the games might be turning off persons such as business users who may not take the OSS seriously for use in businesses, so the removal may make the CD more “friendly” to its use in businesses.

The downside of this option : no games! Life is no fun without games :-). A TTCS OSSWIN CD Games edition could be done…which leads to the third option :

Develop multiple editions of TTCS OSSWIN CD

It has been suggested that specific editions of OSSWIN CD be done to target different persons. Two examples : a TTCS OSSWIN CD (Business Edition) which takes out the games and a TTCS OSSWIN CD (Education Edition) which takes out games and adds a programming software category.

The idea would be that the targeting of different editions of the CD to the different users would result in increased usage among such targeted users. Similar to the ideas expressed in this TED Talk : “What we can learn from spaghetti sauce”.


  • The difficulty of maintaining multiple editions as mentioned earlier.
  • Microsoft Vista has multiple editions. Does that make it easier for users to decide which one is right for them?

However, it is possible that a single DVD version could do this type of end user targeting by having different menus for different users. So on startup (say), the screen could have menu options or ask the question :

  • Are you a Business User?
  • Are you a home user?
  • Are you a Teacher?

then a different software selection on the DVD would be given.

So, those are some of the considerations. Your thoughts about the current version of TTCS OSSWIN CD?