Global map of Mobile devices using Twitter including Trinidad and Tobago

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“This is a look at 3 billion tweets – every geotagged tweet since September 2011, mapped, showing facets of Twitter’s ecosystem and userbase in incredible new detail, revealing demographic, cultural, and social patterns down to city level detail, across the entire world.”


Here is Trinidad and Tobago:

Some initial thoughts : A lot of Blackberry phones……



Recent TTCS news/notes/updates as of April 3rd, 2009

Recent Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society news/notes/updates as posted to :

  • TTCS invited to 2nd consultation with Ministry of Public Admin on .tt ccTLD on April 6th similar to 1st consult .Thoughts?
  • Amazon has 1 user Mac Box Set (Mac OS X v10.5.6, iLife ’09, iWork ’09) for $135US or 5 user for $180US
  • Nani? Ubunchu – manga about 3 students in computer club getting into Ubuntu – Original ver: ; English :
  • Google server design for data centers : ; servers are custom built ; has its own 12V battery instead of central UPS
  • The Purple Elephant Computer Factory for KIDS, a computer recycler in NC, USA includes our OSSWIN CD with each refurb. PC
  • Microsoft to discontinue Encarta. Read more at Ars Technica Wow, remembers using Encarta for Windows 3.x
  • The ICANN Mexico City At-Large Summit Declaration :
  • Windows Vista magazine has all of the regions’ Windows 7 wallpapers at (via LifeHacker
  • YouTube has launched an educational channel : . Via
  • how a NASA archivist (and others) persevered to recover images from NASA lunar tapes from the 60’s :
  • ICANN March 2009 Magazine is online at with mention of the recent At-Large Summit in Mexico City
  • “The Big Picture” – Signs of Spring has a photo of phagwah festivities in NY.The caption mentions Trinidad.
  • New ITU ICT Development Index compares the level of advancement of ICT in 154 countries : has several chapters online
  • Telecom Authority of T&T submits final draft Broadcast code to Ministry of Public Admin for Parliament approval

and more. If you have a twitter account, you can follow ttcs on twitter at . If you do not have a twitter account, you can subscribe to the RSS feed at