Flow Trinidad announces broadband rate increases to take effect March 1 2018

Flow banner from https://discoverflow.co/trinidad/internet/broadband-rates-increase

Flow Trinidad has announced that from March 1st 2018, that the prices of several of its broadband packages will be increased.  This comes after Flow’s residential packages received a free speed upgrade in December 2017

Summary of changes to come March 1 2018:

  • The pricing of Flow’s Basic, Essential, Plus and Max packages increase from $136.95, $219.99, $293.47, $391.29 to $142, $234, $320, $410, an increase by $5.05, $14.01, $26.53 and $18.71 TT dollars respectively, VAT included at the same speeds as per the December 2017 speed upgrade.
  • Flow’s Turbo package increases from by $70.01 TT dollars to $600 but gets a speed boost from 200Mbps down / 25 Mbps up to 300Mbps / 30 Mbps.
  • Flow’s Ultra Package of 300Mbps down / 30Mbps up at $699.99 is replaced with Flow’s Turbo package at $600 TT.

Here’s a table of the announced changes coming March 1 2018

Flow PackageCurrent Speed (download / upload )Upgraded Speeds (download / upload) Current Monthly Rate in TT$ (VAT inclusive)New Monthly Rate as of March 1 2018
in TT $ (VAT inclusive)
Basic5Mbps / 3Mbpssame speed$136.95$142.00
Essential40Mbps / 5Mbps same speed$219.99$234.00
Plus60Mbps / 15Mbps same speed$293.47$320.00
Max100Mbps / 20Mbps same speed$391.29$410.00
Turbo 200Mbps / 25Mbps300Mbps / 30Mbps$529.99$600.00
Lightning600Mbps / 50Mbpssame speed$999.99$999.99 (unchanged)