Columbus Networks, Cable & Wireless enter strategic alliance, will form joint venture company to sell bandwidth to companies in Caribbean and Americas region

Cable and Wireless and Columbus Networks have entered into a strategic alliance and will form  a joint venture company called CNL-CWC Networks Ltd. to provide international wholesale bandwidth to communication companies in the Caribbean and America’s Region.

Via the press release on Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC’) website dated May 13 2013 :

13 May, 2013

CWC agrees strategic alliance with Columbus Networks

Cable & Wireless Communications Plc (“CWC”) today announces it has entered into a strategic alliance with Columbus Networks Ltd (“Columbus”) to develop its international wholesale capacity business.

Under the alliance, CWC and Columbus will form a joint venture in the pan-America region which will provide international wholesale capacity to both companies, as well as to third party carriers. CWC and Columbus operate substantial and largely complementary sub-sea cable networks in the Caribbean and Central American region – the joint venture will have a network platform of  approximately 42,000 kilometres with connectivity to 42 countries.

The alliance positions CWC strongly to meet the data capacity demands of its retail operations in the future, as well as optimising its capital expenditure commitment to its undersea cable networks. Demand for data capacity is growing rapidly in this region, driven by the increasing availability of, and consumer demand for, mobile data and fixed broadband services.

The joint venture, which launched today, will initially operate on an agency basis by providing joint sales and marketing services for each of CWC’s and Columbus’ international wholesale capacity services. Columbus has a 72.5% majority share in, and management control of, the joint venture and CWC has a 27.5% share with appropriate minority protections.

The alliance will be broadened within the next two years with Columbus and CWC contributing their sub-sea and related assets into the joint venture company, subject to obtaining regulatory approvals and certain other conditions being met.

Until then, Columbus and CWC will retain complete ownership and control of their respective existing networks in the region.

Once the applicable approval requirements and conditions have been met, the joint venture will
then assume ownership and management control of the international wholesale capacity
operations of CWC and Columbus and all new investments in infrastructure will be made, and
owned by it.


There is another press release on Cable and Wireless website on the Joint Venture :

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS, AND LONDON – (May 13, 2013) – Columbus Networks and CWC Wholesale Solutions today announced the formation of a joint venture to provide
expanded wholesale bandwidth capacity to global, regional and local communications companies in the Caribbean and Americas Region. The joint venture company will be called CNL-CWC Networks Ltd.
In addition to the joint venture, CWC Wholesale Solutions, a subsidiary of Cable & Wireless Communications, has entered into a separate services agreement with Columbus Networks under which Columbus Networks will provide CWC Wholesale Solutions certain operation and monitoring services.

Columbus Networks and CWC Wholesale Solutions operate complementary networks in the rapidly growing region. After completing multiple network interconnections, the joint venture will offer wholesale customers an expanded network platform that spans more than 42,000 kilometers and reaches more than 42 countries in the region.

The joint venture company will serve as the sales agent of both Columbus Networks and CWC Wholesale Solutions for international wholesale capacity. Columbus Networks will be the managing partner in the joint venture. CWC Wholesale Solutions will provide support and management resources. Columbus Networks and CWC Wholesale Solutions will retain ownership and control of their respective existing networks in the region.

“Wholesale customers will be able to take advantage of expanded network reach and service benefits by doing business with a company that can provide more bandwidth and broader reach, faster and better,” said Paul Scott, president of Columbus Networks. “With this joint venture, one plus one equals three.”

In the coming months, customers will begin to enjoy much greater route choice, improved reliability and higher performance as the joint venture rolls out innovative, new service offerings spanning clear channel services, IP transit, carrier Ethernet and carrier MPLS.
“We have been investing heavily in recent years to upgrade existing networks and build entirely new subsea links such as CBUS and East West Cable,” said Simeon Irvine, chief  executive of CWC Wholesale Solutions. “By creating this joint venture, CWC Wholesale Solutions can expand its network reach and increase the diversity and security of supply for our customers and those of Columbus.”

The interconnected networks will enable more self-healing fiber optic rings with a future planned migration to a fully meshed network environment that will significantly
improve the region’s access to international capacity and better meet the increasing demands for reliability and performance.



Local mirrors of press releases:

CWC agrees strategic alliance with Columbus 140513

Press release – Columbus-CWC JV 140513

Ping times in Trinidad with broadband from Flow or Blink

Since I’ve gotten Flow broadband I’ve been playing online games (Quake 3 Arena, DotA Allstars) with another Flow subscriber using Hamachi.

The ping times are great ; typical ping times between two Flow subscribers (one in St. James, the other in Glencoe) are around 15-25ms. However, the ping time between a Flow subscriber and a TSTT Blink Broadband subscriber is around 220ms which results in some lag during gaming.

Anyone knows what the ping times are between two Blink Broadband subscribers? Let us know in the comments.

TTCS pizzalime on Monday 12th November 2007

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society will be having a pizzalime on Monday November 12th, 2007 from 6pm to 9pm at Pizza Hut, Roxy Roundabout.

Come join us as we eat and chat about various computer matters, including :

and more…

Persons interested in computers and related technology are welcome to attend. A contribution of $30 towards refreshments is expected.

Copies of TTCS OSSWIN CD and Ubuntu will be available for $20 TT.  See you there!

New November 2007 pricing for Flow Trinidad broadband

In Tuesday’s 30th October 2007 Guardian newspaper (Update : Nov 4th, 2007 : corrected URL), Flow Trinidad has announce new pricing for Flow Trinidad’s broadband pricing to mark the completion of its ARCOS fiber optic cable from Trinidad to Curacao.

According to the Trinidad Guardian article :

  • A 20 hour limited package with speed at 2mbps for $69.99 TT
  • U click unlimited one package with speed up to 2 mbps for $189.99 TT
  • U click unlimited two package with speed up to 6 mbps for $349.99 TT
  • U click unlimited three package with speed up to 15 mbps for $689.99 TT

Over the next 60 days, persons can try Flow’s broadband packages risk free with a 30-day money back guarantee and enjoy free installation and a modem during the promotional period.

Flow’s website has not been updated with the new pricing. (Update : 4th Nov 2007 – Flow’s website updated! – see the TTCS wiki page : )

TATT publishes 2006 Annual Market Report on Telecommunications and Broadcasting Sectors.

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has published a market report on the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in Trinidad and Tobago for 2006.

Some of the interesting stats :Re: mobile market :

  • “As at December 2006, the estimated number of mobile subscribers totaled 1,654,921. This represents an extra-ordinary increase of 730,862 or 79.1 per cent over the previous year. Of this total, 1,494,986 were prepaid customers while other 159,935 were postpaid.”
  • Mobile revenues for 2006 totaled TT$1.64 billion, of which prepaid customers accounted for TT$1.45 billion while postpaid customers contributed TT$191 million.

Re: fixed line phone services –

  •  For  the  year  ending  December  31,  2006,  the  total  gross  revenues  earned  from  fixed  line subscribers amounted to TT$780 million. Of this amount, residential customers accounted for TT$405.7 million. Revenues from business customers on the other hand, accounted for TT$ 374.3 million.
  • There were 325,549 subscribers of fixed line telephone service at the end of 2006.

Re: Public International telecom services,

  • the total outgoing traffic from Trinidad and Tobago, for 2006, was estimated to be 183.4 million minutes while incoming traffic was approximately 480.9 million minutes.
  • Gross revenue for international traffic for the year ending December 2006, was estimated at TT$145.1 million for outgoing calls and TT$196.7 million for incoming calls.

Re: Internet Market :

  • “As at December 2006, there were eleven major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Trinidad and Tobago: TSTT, CableNett Limited, Carib-Link Limited, Cari Direc, Caribbean Interactive Limited, Illuminat Limited, InterServ Limited, Lisa Communications Limited, Opus Network Limited, WOW Net (2001) Limited and Green Dot Limited.” Hmmm…….Opus Networx stopped dial up access since Jan 2006 and there is no mention of Columbus Communications formerly CCTT or Caribtel.
  • As at December 2006, the total estimated number of Internet subscribers in Trinidad and Tobago is 81,064.
  • The demand for high speed access to Internet services has increased in Trinidad and Tobago in 2006 to 20,613 with 14,246 residential connections and 6,367 business connections.
  • the number of Internet users in Trinidad and Tobago stood at 15.4 per 100 inhabitants for 2006.

Lots of interesting information, check it out…….
Download : TATT Annual Market Report 2006 (PDF ; 236K)

TSTT Blink Broadband ADSL2+ pricing

(Edit 26 May 2009 – TSTT  doubles speed of residential packages  April 1st, 2009)

(Edit: 4th October 2007 – TSTT site is now live ; confirmed pricing includes VAT pricing)

(Edit : 3rd October 2007 – added more details about upload speeds via TTCS discuss mailing post )

More details about TSTT’s new broadband ADSL2+ called Blink Broadband which will be launched this week. TSTT’s new website to market this is at . See Flow’s residential and business broadband packages for comparison. Broadband competition is good for consumers. 🙂

TSTT’s Blink Broadband Packages Residential (pricing as of May 2009) :

All prices in TT dollars per month. VAT is included.

  • Blink Basic : 256kbits download / 64kbits upload
    • $79
  • Blink Basic Plus : 1MB download / 256kbits upload
    • $149
  • Blink Premium : 2MB download / 512kbits upload
    • $229
  • Blink Premium Plus : 4MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $349
  • Blink Super : up to 10MB download /768kbits upload
    • $699

TSTT’s Blink Broadband Packages for Businesses :

All prices in TT dollars per month. VAT is included.

  • 512kbits download / 128kbits upload
    • $799
  • 1MB download / 256kbits upload
    • $1,249
  • 1MB download (sync) / [presume this means 1MB upload]
    • $1,799
  • 2MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $2,399
  • 3MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $2,949
  • 4MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $5,249

So far, TSTT’s Blink broadband packages would be available in the following areas :

  • San Juan
    • El Socorro Rd, El Socorro Ext Rd, Boundary Road, Don Miguel Rd, Eastern Main Road, Aranguez Main Road, Saddle Rd, First Ave to Tenth Ave, Barataria, First Street to Twelfth Street, Barataria, William St, Mt. Hope Road, Lady Young Rd, 2nd Caledonia
  • Diego Martin
    • Diego Martin Main Rd, La Puerta, Victoria Gardens, Westmoorings, Glencoe, Petit Valley, Goodwood Park, Diamond Vale, St. Lucien Rd, Morne Coco Rd, Industrial Estate, Richplain, La Estancia
  • West
    • Federation Park, Ellerslie Park Champs Elysees, Long Circular, Dibe, Cocorite, The Greens, Hillsboro, St James, Newtown, St. Clair, Boissierre Village, Queen’s Park West, Poui Hill, Lady Chancellor, Woodbrook – North, Ariapita Ave – North, Saddle Rd, La Seiva

Answers from Flow (August 2007)


The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society met with Ian Serrao, Director of Network Services at Columbus Communications Trinidad

(Columbus is the parent company of Flow) at a TTCS Meeting on: Wednesday 22nd August 2007

These are some of the questions supplied by members (the title of this article was first  “Questions for Flow”) and the answers provided by Flow (hence the change in title).

Continue reading Answers from Flow (August 2007)

Flow’s broadband pricing for businesses/corporations

Last week, I posted Flow’s broadband pricing for residental users. I received a scanned image of Flow’s brochure which lists the following broadband pricing for businesses/corporations :

Broadband Internet packages from Flow for businesses/corporations :

All prices in TT dollars per month and are VAT inclusive

  • Flow Business Lite
    • 512kbps download / 256 kbps upload
    • $632.49
  • Flow Business 1
    • 1Mbps download / 512kbps upload
    • $1,149.99
  • Flow Business 2
    • 1.5Mbps download / 768kbps upload
    • $1,724.99
  • Flow Business 3
    • 2Mbps download / 1Mbps upload
    • $2,2,99.99
  • Flow Business 4
    • 3Mbps download / 1.5Mbps upload
    • $2,874.99
  • Flow Business 5
    • 4Mbps download / 2Mbps upload
    • $5,174.99
  • Installation Fee :
    • Existing Corporate Cable Customer : $574.99
    • Corporate Broadband only Customer : $848.69

Impressive pricing when considering TSTT’s pricing for ADSL.

Digital Cable TV in Trinidad

A brief history

Cable television service on the island of Trinidad was originally provided by several independent cable television companies (AJ Cable, Cableview, Rainbow Cable, Transcable). These companies were eventually merged to form the Cable Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (CCTT). In February 2006, it was annnounced that Columbus Communications Limited, a multi-national telecommunications company with investments throughout the Caribbean, had purchased CCTT. Columbus stated that the island would be upgraded to an all digital cable television service as it prepared to offer “triple-play” service, that is, television, data (Internet access) and voice phone service over the same line. According to its website, several areas were to be upgraded by the end of 2006. There were delays and only now (2007) are those areas being fully upgraded to digital cable television service.

At this time (2007), Flow/Columbus Communications Limited does not provide cable television service on the island of Tobago.

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