TSTT Blink Broadband ADSL2+ pricing

(Edit 26 May 2009 – TSTT  doubles speed of residential packages  April 1st, 2009)

(Edit: 4th October 2007 – TSTT site is now live ; confirmed pricing includes VAT pricing)

(Edit : 3rd October 2007 – added more details about upload speeds via TTCS discuss mailing post )

More details about TSTT’s new broadband ADSL2+ called Blink Broadband which will be launched this week. TSTT’s new website to market this is at http://www.blinkbroadband.tt/ . See Flow’s residential and business broadband packages for comparison. Broadband competition is good for consumers. 🙂

TSTT’s Blink Broadband Packages Residential (pricing as of May 2009) :

All prices in TT dollars per month. VAT is included.

  • Blink Basic : 256kbits download / 64kbits upload
    • $79
  • Blink Basic Plus : 1MB download / 256kbits upload
    • $149
  • Blink Premium : 2MB download / 512kbits upload
    • $229
  • Blink Premium Plus : 4MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $349
  • Blink Super : up to 10MB download /768kbits upload
    • $699

TSTT’s Blink Broadband Packages for Businesses :

All prices in TT dollars per month. VAT is included.

  • 512kbits download / 128kbits upload
    • $799
  • 1MB download / 256kbits upload
    • $1,249
  • 1MB download (sync) / [presume this means 1MB upload]
    • $1,799
  • 2MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $2,399
  • 3MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $2,949
  • 4MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $5,249

So far, TSTT’s Blink broadband packages would be available in the following areas :

  • San Juan
    • El Socorro Rd, El Socorro Ext Rd, Boundary Road, Don Miguel Rd, Eastern Main Road, Aranguez Main Road, Saddle Rd, First Ave to Tenth Ave, Barataria, First Street to Twelfth Street, Barataria, William St, Mt. Hope Road, Lady Young Rd, 2nd Caledonia
  • Diego Martin
    • Diego Martin Main Rd, La Puerta, Victoria Gardens, Westmoorings, Glencoe, Petit Valley, Goodwood Park, Diamond Vale, St. Lucien Rd, Morne Coco Rd, Industrial Estate, Richplain, La Estancia
  • West
    • Federation Park, Ellerslie Park Champs Elysees, Long Circular, Dibe, Cocorite, The Greens, Hillsboro, St James, Newtown, St. Clair, Boissierre Village, Queen’s Park West, Poui Hill, Lady Chancellor, Woodbrook – North, Ariapita Ave – North, Saddle Rd, La Seiva