Telecom Authority of #Trinidad and #Tobago posts draft policy for (and proposed amendments to) the Telecommunications Act

On May 6, 2013, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Trinidad and Tobago via the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT ; have posted two documents for public comment. They are:

The submission of comments must be made on or before Monday 3rd June 2013 (update June 28 2013) extended to July 9 2013.

(Update : June 28, 2013 : TTCS Draft Comments posted)




Proposed Policy to amend the Telecommunications Act of Trinidad and Tobago

According to the Proposed Policy to amend the Telecommunications Act,

The Policy is intended to amend the framework developed for the administration and regulation of the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors as set out in the Telecommunications Act.

The Policy is thus intended to amend market regulatory rules to provide for the continued orderly development of the telecommunications and broadcasting
sector after the liberalisation process begun in earnest in 2005. The policy therefore provides for the strengthening of the Authority’s powers in certain instances to
mitigate against activity which may have a prejudicial impact on the sector and the wider economy.

The policy also seeks to provide for appropriate competition regulation in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors which will effectively close the
regulatory gaps created by the passage of the Fair Trading Act Chap. 81:13. Section 3(g) of the said Act specifically excludes from its ambit, those companies
which fall under the purview of the Telecommunications Act.

The Proposed Policy to amend the Telecommunications further describes

  • the policy objectives,
  • an overview of recent developments in the telecom sector,
  • six key policy policy principles which the proposed act should adhere to, and
  • a summary of the proposed amendments to the Telecommunications Act

View/Download the Proposed  Policy to amend the Telecommunications Act (PDF ; 432K) (Mirror copy of “Proposed Policy to Amend the Telecommunications Act”)


Proposed Telecommunications Amendment Act

This document is the proposed Telecommunication Act as it would look after the amendments were made to the Act. The modifcations or changes to the existing act are in bold.

View/Download the Proposed Telecommunications Amendment Act (PDF ; 897K) (Mirror copy of “Proposed Telecommunications Amendment Act”)

How to submit comments

Persons wanting to submit comments can submit their comments online or via paper using the “Public Consultation Comment Submission Form-Draft Policy and Proposed Amendments to Telecommunications Act” (DOC ; 41K ; Mirror of “Public Consultation Comment Submission Form-Draft Policy and Proposed Amendments to Telecommunications Act”) form.

Submission of comments must be made on or before Monday 3rd June 2013.

Recent TTCS news/notes/updates as of April 3rd, 2009

Recent Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society news/notes/updates as posted to :

  • TTCS invited to 2nd consultation with Ministry of Public Admin on .tt ccTLD on April 6th similar to 1st consult .Thoughts?
  • Amazon has 1 user Mac Box Set (Mac OS X v10.5.6, iLife ’09, iWork ’09) for $135US or 5 user for $180US
  • Nani? Ubunchu – manga about 3 students in computer club getting into Ubuntu – Original ver: ; English :
  • Google server design for data centers : ; servers are custom built ; has its own 12V battery instead of central UPS
  • The Purple Elephant Computer Factory for KIDS, a computer recycler in NC, USA includes our OSSWIN CD with each refurb. PC
  • Microsoft to discontinue Encarta. Read more at Ars Technica Wow, remembers using Encarta for Windows 3.x
  • The ICANN Mexico City At-Large Summit Declaration :
  • Windows Vista magazine has all of the regions’ Windows 7 wallpapers at (via LifeHacker
  • YouTube has launched an educational channel : . Via
  • how a NASA archivist (and others) persevered to recover images from NASA lunar tapes from the 60’s :
  • ICANN March 2009 Magazine is online at with mention of the recent At-Large Summit in Mexico City
  • “The Big Picture” – Signs of Spring has a photo of phagwah festivities in NY.The caption mentions Trinidad.
  • New ITU ICT Development Index compares the level of advancement of ICT in 154 countries : has several chapters online
  • Telecom Authority of T&T submits final draft Broadcast code to Ministry of Public Admin for Parliament approval

and more. If you have a twitter account, you can follow ttcs on twitter at . If you do not have a twitter account, you can subscribe to the RSS feed at

Draft National Broadcasting Code for Trinidad and Tobago submitted to Ministry of Public Admin for approval by Parlament

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has submitted the final Draft Broadcast Code (PDF ; 1.2MB) to the Ministry of Public Administration for approval by Parliament.

The Draft Broadcast Code contains rules for regulating the content of programmes and material transmitted by radio and TV broadcasters (specifically the free-to-air radio, free-to-air TV and the basic (or general audience) package of subscription TV broadcasters.

Ministry of Public Administration consultation on the management of .tt ccTLD on Wednesday December 17th – what are your thoughts for .tt?

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society has been invited by the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) to  a consultation on the .tt country code Top Level Domain policy this Wednesday. From the text of the invitation :

“The .tt ccTLD is the country code top level domain for Trinidad and Tobago. A country code top level domain is an Internet top-level domain, generally used or reserved for a country or a dependent territory. ccTLD identifiers are two letters long, and currently all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs. Creation and delegation of ccTLDs is performed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and generally corresponds to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes maintained by the United Nations.

In some countries they are very popular (.de is the most popular, second only to .com in number of registrations), less so in others. Some countries use the ccTLD as a revenue generator (.tv) while others use it as a national resource and for country branding (.uk, .au). In general, .tt is little known either inside or outside the country, and there has been little interest among most of the local Internet stakeholders in its use or policies.

The Trinidad and Tobago government has been working on a process to develop a plan for local policy development for the Trinidad and Tobago ccTLD – .tt. It has been run for many years by the ttNIC (a local company), but the time has come to have a national consensus multi-stakeholder policy for the local management of this Internet resource, and an inclusive and transparent consultative process to get there.

The key objective of this consultation is to get the views of Internet stakeholders on the major policy issues that inform the management of the .tt ccTLD. Other objectives of this consultation include:

  • To present models for ccTLD management

  • To discuss guidelines and best practices for ccTLD management
  • To discuss potential for re-delegation of the .tt ccTLD from the current administrator (TTNIC)
  • To identify prioritised actions, processes and indicative schedules for developing the .tt ccTLD as a national resource”

There have been many posts on this to the TTCS discussion mailing list (scroll to the bottom of the page for the responses). Your thoughts?

TATT publishes list of approved telecom equipement for Trinidad and Tobago

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has published in November 2008 a 12 page list of telecommunications equipment that has been approved and certified for use in Trinidad and Tobago (PDF ; 124K).

Unsurprisingly, most common computer telecommunication equipment from bluetooth devices to wi-fi routers are “CLASS” licensed with no fees for use.