MPA releases Draft National Policy on Electronic Business For Trinidad and Tobago

The Ministry of Public Admin (MPA) has released a “Draft National Policy on Electronic Business for Trinidad and Tobago” (PDF ; 648K). According to this 23 page document, the aim of the policy is :

To develop a vibrant and sustainable e-Business industry that will contribute to the
transformation of Trinidad and Tobago’s economic paradigm towards one that has a
significant knowledge base, through:

  • Strengthening the Nation’s infrastructure;
  • Clarifying market place rules;
  • Developing networks;
  • Increasing participation;
  • Developing the Nation’s human resources; and
  • Developing the Nation’s R&D and Innovation Capacity.

The objectives :

This policy paper intends to identify actions that the Government of the Republic of
Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT) will need to take in collaboration with the private
sector and academia, in order to create an economic, infrastructural and human
resource environment in which e-Business opportunities are relatively easy to take
advantage of by businesses and individuals.
In this regard, the proposals herein are structured to minimize the direct intervention
of Government in taking these proposals forward; this is to encourage increased
competitiveness of the ICT sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

The document also gives a glimpse of planned government policies :

  • Fastforward II Trinidad and Tobago’s National ICT Plan, 2008–2013
  • Government of Trinidad and Tobago e-Legislative agenda
  • Hosting policy (presumably related to the Internet Bandwidth Management policy)
  • e-Payments position paper
  • National Broadband Action Plan

The deadline for comments has not been announced as yet but the TTCS will update this entry along with a link to where we can co-ordinate our response to this policy.

Download :