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Tech Groups

Eastern Caribbean Oracle Users’ Group (ECOUG)

Information and Communications Technology Society (ICTS)
This group was formerly known as: The Information Technology Professional Society (ITPS)

Internet Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ISOC-TT)

Trinidad and Tobago Apple Community (TTAC)

Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) ; ;

Trinidad and Tobago Linux Users Group (TTLUG)

TriniGamers (TG)

UWI Computing Society (UWICS)

Tech e-mail lists

“Computing” Mailing List

“Computing” is maintained by OPUS NETWORX and provides a place for general computing discussion with relation to Trinidad and Tobago. We welcome your participation and hope that you do find some interesting and hopefully provoking content on the list. As always we do ask that you remember and consider the concerns of the other people on the list and respect everyone’s right to air views, but recognise everyone’s right to your respect”.

This is an email-only list.

If you wish to subscribe to this list, follow these instructions:
To subscribe: Send email to: with the word JOIN in the message body.
To unsubscribe: Send email to with the word LEAVE in the message body.
This is a 2 way list (if one person sends mail to the list, everyone subscribed to the list receives it).
The mailing list is free to the public.

Computer Suppliers in Trinidad and Tobago

A list of computer suppliers in Trinidad & Tobago in alphabetical order. Suggestions welcomed.

Last updated : May 13, 2013


If you use any information from this page, you do so at your own discretion and risk and you are solely responsible for any and all

financial loss, damage to your equipment, loss of data that may result directly or indirectly from such use.

This page has not been endorsed in any way by any of these entities.

Information on this page is subject to change without further notice.

The TTCS is not affiliated with any of the companies or individuals listed on this page.

If you have a complaint or problem with the companies or individuals listed on this page contact them directly.

TTCS cannot help/will not intervene in any matter between You (the consumer) and the vendor.


Type of Computer Supplier:

  • (W!) Wholesaler – Registration Required
  • (W) Wholesale prices available to the public
  • (R) General retailer


List of Computer Suppliers

Bagalito Enterprises

  • Type of Supplier: (W)(R)
  • ;
  • Level 2 Long Circular Mall, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago ; +1 (868) 222-6947, +1 (868) 319-6900
  • Level 2 Trincity Mall, Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago ; +1 (868) 640-3061 , +1 (868) 746-6922

Caveman Computing

  • Type of  Supplier: (R)
  • Valpark Shopping Plaza ; 663-8220


  • Type of  Supplier: (W!)(R)
  • #3 Stone Street, Port-of-Spain ; 868-627-9663, 868-627-8000, 868-627-5280, 868-625-9000 (phone/fax)
  • Advance Commercial Building, Corner Churchill Roosevelt Highway & Boundary Ext. Aranguez South ;
  • 868-674-8000, 868-674-9000, 868-675-0728, 868-674-4800 (phone/fax)
  • Price Plaza North, Chaguanas ;
  • 868-672-5000, 868-671-0586
  • The Falls at West Mall, Westmoorings ;
  • 868-633-6000 (phone/fax) , 868-223-5000


Diamond Systems and Supplies Ltd.


Rocking Technologies

  • Type of  Supplier:  (W)(R)
  • Email: alias_hacker007  at yahoo dot com
  • 351 – 1434, 396 – 9628, 680 – 1622


Green Leaf  Technologies

  • Type of Supplier: (W) (R)
  • Email: greenleaf_tech at  hotmail dot com
  • Princes Town ;  (868) – 461 – 4755


Hi-Touch Systems Solutions

  • Type of  Supplier: (W!)
  • 14 Gopaul Circular Drive, Marabella ; (868) 658-1688
  • Eastern Main Road, Curepe ; (868) 645-1170


Illuminat (Trinidad) Limited

  • Type of  Supplier:  (R) (Contact for pricing)
  • 155 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain ; 868-622-7753 ; 868-628-4130 (fax)
  • El Socorro Road South Extension, San Juan ; (868) 675-4451 ; (868) 675-4451 ext 4033 (fax)
  • Valsayn Road, Curepe ; (868) 663-2087/2072/2109,  (868) 645-3352 (fax)
  • Corner Scott & Cipero Streets, San Fernando ; (868) 657-7851, (868) 652-9917 (fax),  (868) 657-9629 (phone/fax)
  • 11 Austin Road, Pt. Fortin, Trinidad ; 648-2228
  • Piggott Street, Scarborough, Tobago ; (868) 639-3797, (868) 639-6823 (fax)



  • Type of Supplier: (W)(R)
  • 85 Cipriani Blvd POS ; 625-5005
  • 5 Southern Main Road, Curepe ; 645-1006


Next Technology Limited

  • Type of Supplier: (W!)(R)
  • 1st Avenue, Orchard Gardens, Chaguanas  ;  665-6398 / 672-3355  , 671-5409 (fax)
  •  MovieTowne Office, Shop# 52, First Floor, Invaders Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain ; (868)-624-3266 ; (868)-624-3267


Notebook Parts Ltd

  • Type of Supplier: (R)
  • #17 Amowsville Point Cumana,Caranage ; 723-0349


Premium Computer Solutions Ltd

  • Type of Supplier: (W)(R)
  • #125 Union Road, Marabella, Trinidad ; 658-6842
  • Branch Office 384-8604


PRW Enterprises

  • Type of Supplier: (W)(R)
  • Unit# 3 LP6 Chankar Trace, El Socorro, Trinidad ; 638-6448, 638-8331, 638-0674
  • Chaguanas Branch ; 672-8716, 665-2683 (fax)
  • South Branch ; 655-1152 ; 655-8671
  • Arima Office ; 667-1927 ; 667-7793
  • Woodbrook ; 800-MYIP, 628-7427
  • Tobago Office ; 635-0147, 635-0436


RHD Technologies

  • Type of Supplier: (W!)(R)
  • #42B Saddle Rd., Maraval, Port of Spain, Trinidad ;  628-0034


Snikla enterprises


Super Technologies Limited

  • Type of Supplier: (W)
  • #13A Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna ; 868-663-7795 ; 868-663-6343 (fax)
  • Corner Victoria Square East And Park Street, Port of Spain ; 221-1819
  • Elanor Street, Chaguanas ; 868-671-4148
  • Eastern Main Road, Couva ;  636-5889
  • San Fernando ; 653-TECH(8324)
  • Atlantic Plaza, Pt. Lisas ; 636-3970


Tech Nine I.T Solutions

  • Type of Supplier:  (W!) (R)
  • The Ronitan Building, #2 Munroe Road, Cunupia ;  868-693-1083, 868-693-1371
  • Corner Picton & Warner Street, Newtown, Port Of Spain ; 868-622-9877


The Wizz Computers

  • Type of Supplier: (W!)(R)
  • 25 Todd Street, San Fernando ;  652-7000, 653-7000, 657‐7000
  • 11 Edward Street, Port of Spain ; 624-7000, 625-7000, 623‐7001, 387-0132, 387-01337, 624-7002 (fax)
  • 1344 SS Erin Road, Penal ; 647 ‐ 7000, 387-0138
  • 115 Endeavour Road, Chaguanas ;  672 ‐ 5857, 387-0137


Telecom Authority of #Trinidad and #Tobago posts draft policy for (and proposed amendments to) the Telecommunications Act

On May 6, 2013, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Trinidad and Tobago via the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT ; have posted two documents for public comment. They are:

The submission of comments must be made on or before Monday 3rd June 2013 (update June 28 2013) extended to July 9 2013.

(Update : June 28, 2013 : TTCS Draft Comments posted)




Proposed Policy to amend the Telecommunications Act of Trinidad and Tobago

According to the Proposed Policy to amend the Telecommunications Act,

The Policy is intended to amend the framework developed for the administration and regulation of the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors as set out in the Telecommunications Act.

The Policy is thus intended to amend market regulatory rules to provide for the continued orderly development of the telecommunications and broadcasting
sector after the liberalisation process begun in earnest in 2005. The policy therefore provides for the strengthening of the Authority’s powers in certain instances to
mitigate against activity which may have a prejudicial impact on the sector and the wider economy.

The policy also seeks to provide for appropriate competition regulation in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors which will effectively close the
regulatory gaps created by the passage of the Fair Trading Act Chap. 81:13. Section 3(g) of the said Act specifically excludes from its ambit, those companies
which fall under the purview of the Telecommunications Act.

The Proposed Policy to amend the Telecommunications further describes

  • the policy objectives,
  • an overview of recent developments in the telecom sector,
  • six key policy policy principles which the proposed act should adhere to, and
  • a summary of the proposed amendments to the Telecommunications Act

View/Download the Proposed  Policy to amend the Telecommunications Act (PDF ; 432K) (Mirror copy of “Proposed Policy to Amend the Telecommunications Act”)


Proposed Telecommunications Amendment Act

This document is the proposed Telecommunication Act as it would look after the amendments were made to the Act. The modifcations or changes to the existing act are in bold.

View/Download the Proposed Telecommunications Amendment Act (PDF ; 897K) (Mirror copy of “Proposed Telecommunications Amendment Act”)

How to submit comments

Persons wanting to submit comments can submit their comments online or via paper using the “Public Consultation Comment Submission Form-Draft Policy and Proposed Amendments to Telecommunications Act” (DOC ; 41K ; Mirror of “Public Consultation Comment Submission Form-Draft Policy and Proposed Amendments to Telecommunications Act”) form.

Submission of comments must be made on or before Monday 3rd June 2013.

History of Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) in Trinidad and Tobago

This is a historical record of the Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) which were in operation in Trinidad and Tobago between 1986 and 2000.

A BBS was a computer system that allowed users to connect to the system (typically via dial up modems). Users logged in could chat, email, download files, post messages in forums for other users to read and respond to. BBSes were a precursor to what many persons do on the Internet today, social networking, downloading files, chat, reading and posting in forums or on email lists.

Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) in Trinidad and Tobago were a popular means of communications beginning in the late 1980s even though personal computers were expensive and few persons actually had one at home. That scenario began to change by the early 1990s as prices on computer hardware began to decrease and modem speeds increased.

Continue reading History of Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) in Trinidad and Tobago

Rest of 2009 update

A recap of what happened in the last half of 2009, since the blog hasn’t been updated since then :

just to name a few. Here’s to 2010!