Summary of TTCS Meetings held in 1997

Meetings were held at the Brass Institute #117A Henry Street, Port of Spain (next to Spectakula Forum), courtesy of Francis Pau.

Meetings were held at the Frank Stockdale building at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, courtesy of Curtis Mike.

The computers used for the meetings were provided by Pcw and/or Dave while refreshments were provided by Francis Pau.

Saturday 31st August 1997 – Member Registration

This was the first offfical meeting of the TTCS. “Un-offical members” (consisting of former SCU members, people from the general public and other persons who supported the effort to create a new group) registered their membership under the TTCS banner and paid a small membership fee to keep the Society going for the remainder of the year.

Members and interested persons were shown the preliminary TTCS webpage and the Infoline BBS, as well as hand-outs from previous meetings.

Saturday 11th October 1997 – A look at the different CPUs

Dave and Pcw discussed the various CPUs available from IntelAMD and Cyrix, highlighting the differences between them so as to help members determine which CPU is most suitable for them.

Saturday 13th December 1997 – Christmas “lime”

The final get-together for 1997. We discussed plans for accomadating overseas members as well as the format and content for the proposed TTCS newsletter.

NOTE: We had not set up any Yahoogroups (formerly E-groups) mailing lists or any other such listserv at the time.