The Role of Open Source Software in Trinidad and Tobago


In late October 2006, the Ministry of Public Administration and Information (MPAI) has published a discussion paper on “the role of Open Source Software in Trinidad and Tobago”. From the document

“The aim of this paper is review the role of the Open Source Software (OSS) model within the broader societal goals of economic and social development. The issues discussed herein shall be critical to further engage the Public Service and the wider national ICT sector in developing an action plan going forward. Such a national discourse and action plan will go a long way in meeting the objectives of fastforward, the National ICT Plan, and the regional action plan for the information society, eLAC2007.

In pursuing the above aim, this consultation paper attempts to: (i) address the major risks cited against the use of the OSS model; (ii) identify uses of the OSS model in various segments of the industry; and (iii) gain feedback proposing a way forward, with opportunity and threats, for OSS in the developmental objectives of Trinidad and Tobago.”