TSTT Blink Broadband ADSL2+ pricing

(Edit 26 May 2009 – TSTT  doubles speed of residential packages  April 1st, 2009)

(Edit: 4th October 2007 – TSTT site is now live ; confirmed pricing includes VAT pricing)

(Edit : 3rd October 2007 – added more details about upload speeds via TTCS discuss mailing post )

More details about TSTT’s new broadband ADSL2+ called Blink Broadband which will be launched this week. TSTT’s new website to market this is at http://www.blinkbroadband.tt/ . See Flow’s residential and business broadband packages for comparison. Broadband competition is good for consumers. 🙂

TSTT’s Blink Broadband Packages Residential (pricing as of May 2009) :

All prices in TT dollars per month. VAT is included.

  • Blink Basic : 256kbits download / 64kbits upload
    • $79
  • Blink Basic Plus : 1MB download / 256kbits upload
    • $149
  • Blink Premium : 2MB download / 512kbits upload
    • $229
  • Blink Premium Plus : 4MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $349
  • Blink Super : up to 10MB download /768kbits upload
    • $699

TSTT’s Blink Broadband Packages for Businesses :

All prices in TT dollars per month. VAT is included.

  • 512kbits download / 128kbits upload
    • $799
  • 1MB download / 256kbits upload
    • $1,249
  • 1MB download (sync) / [presume this means 1MB upload]
    • $1,799
  • 2MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $2,399
  • 3MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $2,949
  • 4MB download / 768kbits upload
    • $5,249

So far, TSTT’s Blink broadband packages would be available in the following areas :

  • San Juan
    • El Socorro Rd, El Socorro Ext Rd, Boundary Road, Don Miguel Rd, Eastern Main Road, Aranguez Main Road, Saddle Rd, First Ave to Tenth Ave, Barataria, First Street to Twelfth Street, Barataria, William St, Mt. Hope Road, Lady Young Rd, 2nd Caledonia
  • Diego Martin
    • Diego Martin Main Rd, La Puerta, Victoria Gardens, Westmoorings, Glencoe, Petit Valley, Goodwood Park, Diamond Vale, St. Lucien Rd, Morne Coco Rd, Industrial Estate, Richplain, La Estancia
  • West
    • Federation Park, Ellerslie Park Champs Elysees, Long Circular, Dibe, Cocorite, The Greens, Hillsboro, St James, Newtown, St. Clair, Boissierre Village, Queen’s Park West, Poui Hill, Lady Chancellor, Woodbrook – North, Ariapita Ave – North, Saddle Rd, La Seiva

93 thoughts on “TSTT Blink Broadband ADSL2+ pricing”

  1. Why do you say its lies Richjob, do you know something that the rest of us don’t know. My company is looking at using flow, however this looks better, no I am not so sure

  2. Because of Flow, TSTT was forced to drop their Broadband internet rates. This is a good thing for consumers, whether TSTT can actually deliver those speeds consistently is another story. I hope to see Flow drop their rates as well and get the fight going. Look what Digicel did to the mobile market. This may be the beginning of an Internet revolution in T&T.

  3. Thanks guys for posting this. I had been looking for information on this and the only place I can find it is here.

    I like what a little competition can do. I hope that TSTT will put an end to this contract business once and for all. Also, I’m really curious to see what Flow has to offer to compete with TSTT. Maybe Greendot will jump into the low price fray as well.

  4. I had TSTT DSL, but when Flow came out with their FASTER HighSpeed, I switched. Flow works most of the times, but sometimes the service sucks. When TSTT comes to my ares, I am switching back. I never had major problems with TSTT. With Flow, the speed drops to less than 256k some of the time. The modem has to be rebooted every so ofter which includes removing the battery. Right now I have less the 256k when I test my connection speed. STRESS

  5. Flow has to provide that modem for free to be really competitive with Blink everyone has to remember that Flow is new to the broadband market so there WILL be some teething problems and that makes me skeptical about the quality of the service.

  6. This goes a long way to encourage me to consider moving back to Trini. This was my number one reason for not doing so–unaffordable fast access to the Internet.

  7. i am happy to see something like this but i always get upset to see that the area i live in is treated like the scraps. i will like to know why laventile cant be one of the first areas to use this new system. We do have alot of successful people who live in laventille and they have to suffer just because tstt probably thinks low of us. i will really appreciate if flow, tstt or green dot pay a little more attention to laventile/morvant.

  8. Hi Flm2007, all

    TSTT can’t upgrade all the exchanges simultaneously. An exchange will cover all sorts of different neighborhoods – poor, rich and in between. so it is not a case of dissing Lavantille or any where else. If you look at the list above the Diego roll out includes Westmoorings AND La Puerta – two very different places served by the same exchange.

    Having said that the telcos do take into account population density, quality of infrastructure, etc. This is why you tend to see densely populated areas getting services first. In some cases rural areas are so sparsely populated that it makes no commercial sense to roll out a wired infrastructure.

    In cases like this, governments some times step in and mandate rural service, sometimes subsidizing same. In others rural areas go without and wait for a wireless solution that is more cost effective in rural areas. I hope that WiMax will fill this gap. I thought that DigiCell would deploy WiMAX but their aggressiveness and creativity in T&T has been disappointingly to date.

    Sorry, I like to bash TSTT as much as the next person but in this case their roll out strategy does not seem to favor wealthy communities.

    I also signed up for the 10mbit service yesterday so I will report back on how it performs when I get it. I don’t need 10mbits but with all the discounts it comes down to 475 per month. Since I can’t afford a BMW M3 for the time being I will have to settle for this.

  9. anything is better then tstt.

    how much longer will they continue to try and rip off the general public? why not publicize that blink is simply tstt dsl?

    What a jip!

  10. I just want to know – for wireless high speed, which one is
    1. cheapest installation
    2. lowest monthly rate
    3. fastest download

  11. Like Laventile/Morvant, the East side (St. Joseph…Eldo. Tunapuna etc.) seems to be left out of this experience and I’m sure its not because we’re so sparsely populated.

  12. I love the idea tstt. the packages are good enough, however, will there b installations per person or per household? or r u going 2 set a bandwidth limit for an area estimating only a certain amount will purchase this product to share that bandwidth? could wireless modems be included in the package for little or next to nothing?

  13. TSTT is really lame they always have to make alliances elsewhere to get a good working internet service……blah……

  14. I am now using Flow High Speed 1MB. But a bandwith check revealed .56 MB, i.e. half of 1 MB.
    5.45 p.m. on a Thursday.

    So you don’t always get what is advertised!

  15. Was by a friend in St. James this morning who just got the Flow u-click umlimited 1 package.

    Using the Flash test at dslreports.com, got a little over 2000Kb/s which is the advertised speed for that package.

  16. Well, i must say, tstt’s blink broadband came to a shock, with both the speeds and the price, however, i really do hope that they overhaul themselves and actually offer us a service that’s worthy this time. If they stick to their word, then all’s good. With regards to service availability, word from the agents are that areas in deep south are presently being set up, i live in Penal and i applied for broadband and they said 10-15 weeks max, but they guaranteed that the service will be 100% functional.

    i must say, i really am sorry for greendot, who i thought would’ve revolutionised the internet market here with the amount of customers growing. i have several friends who are already considering terminating the greendot service for blink.

    Lets hope for the best from tstt here, that really is a lot to ask, considering that it’s tstt that we;re dealing with, but at the same time, i wana give them a chance to prove me wrong.

  17. I am a current TSTT 256k customer (pre-Blink).

    I called 62-blink on Monday 8th October about switching my service to Blink.

    The rep told me that “currently Blink is targeting new & current dial-up customers and because Blink is on a new network the tech guys are still trying to decide the best way of transferring pre-existing dsl customers on to the new network…”

    Translation: TSTT will try to squeeze the $430.00 per month for 256k for as long as possible from existing dsl customers. I intend to call TSTT to find out if they will at least bill me $79.00 until I can be transferred to this “new” network. I’m seriously thinking about switching to Flow in the interim if they refuse to bill me $79.00.

  18. I used the bandwith test at dlsreports.com, and got the following for my FLOW 1MB:

    Download 773
    Upload 228

  19. flow is great i get my 2mbps as advertised off peak and during peak 1 get 1.5 to 1.7 mbps im very happy with flow,screw tstt

  20. i see that the is also an installation fee to new customer of $402 thats if you need a technician to install the modem and stuff, but what id the fee if you do not require this service? becuz they seaid if you do not need this installatoin they would provide you witha self installation cd….and how long after you sign up do you receive this service

  21. What are you guys doing? I would really like to know what is so critical that we need more bandwidth. What would worry me is the latency on the networks. But who am I to complain, I have fiber in my backyard, a 8MB connection (bursting to around 35MB for large downloads) and 40ms latency and I can’t find any real productive to use it for after the first two months.

  22. well how has greendot responded to this blink and flow thing??? i wrote them a long letter concerning the competition, and they have decided somehow to double all their customers bandwidth and offer the 256kbps connection for the price of the 128k and so forth they also said that as flow is a new infrastructure that they will be getting some problems for a while until they are established then the flow network is a sort of shared network so bandwidth tends to decrease during peak hours but i think the fibre optics scene is good and well blink is another cene by itself lets wait and see how that goes if blink is reliable then its hightime switch or if flow’s network rate gets better then VIOLA!!!! boom we want company like verizon to come here and show these people how its done rates to fit the poor man pocket imagine 12.99 usd verizon is offering their fiber optic connection to people trinidad will go crazy if this happens i know it ……. lets wait and seeeee…..

  23. you still have to take distance into consideration so even if verizon came here we will still pay more than what they do in america.

  24. It is so unfortunate that tstt is now dropping their rates. My folks this is is the effects of marketing and we are are all just ponds in this game of chess. This means we were all being robbed all this time.

  25. I Will like to know if your 512kbts 128 kb 1g package i unlimited ? And if it is an unlimited one then i am very much intrested in having it

  26. Please rescue us from flow,the service is terrible. They continue to BILL you for services they are not prividing.
    PS when will broadband be avallable in the Arouca area

  27. Yeah everyone knows tstt use to rob us
    what the realy rolling out is adsl2 which they could have done a long time, flows great but i will stick with tstt for the reason it is not shared bandwith as flow the more poeple online the slower flows gets and i sure u all have notice, and up by me to much poeple have high speed

    1. @blink : broadband packages would work with any OS with a TCP/IP stack. That includes Windows, Linux, MacOS X and more

  28. Does anyone know when blink will be available in Grande Riviere? According to the website it is Nov-Jan but no specific date is mentioned. I am travelling there in December and I will need broadband access while there.

    Thanks for any help you can provide,

  29. I want to repeat that question on if this is an unlimited access by Blink or is it a minimum time deal?
    I have internet access through a nieghbour on tstt dsl (don’t ask, never tell) and i get on average 40mb download speeds. The guy complaining about using his bandwidth probably has broadband so long he forgot how long it took hotmail to open using dialup. I’ve spent a few times in the USA and i remember the first time i used a computer with cable connection…..NIRVAHNA. that’s what i expect (hope) competition will finally bring to Trinidad.

  30. I am interested in your service , but I would like to when work will begin in the area of manzanilla. I will truly appreciate if I get a timeframe to work with, I see you all put a ad to show from Nov-Jan everything should be in place to access this internet service. For the past years in our area we have been fed with rubbish without any good accessable internet service. Many residents in my area is interested , cause there is many students who is currently attending U.W.I . I am one and are studying Law and Criminlogy at U.W.I and I have to get many researches and it is difficult as a working person to go to Sangre Grande to access the internet. I will like to get a response soon as possible contact me the hours from 12p.m.-1p.m. thank you.

  31. Why is it that Belmont always gets left out. More specifically Jerningham Avenue. TSTT has a corporate office on my street and they tell me I can’t get high speed internet. Are they using dial up in that office. I highly doubt it.

  32. Sorry but I think I’ll wait on blink (even though TSTT was holding out on us before and maybe they still are) because of the price and the fact that it’s UNLIMITED!! But that may not have happen if it wasn’t for flow. Thanks you guys at flow an sorry I couldn’t join you.

  33. This is Nicholas I am truly interested in your internet service and many more residents in the village of Manzanilla will also be part of your service. For many years our area of Manzanilla has been fed with rubbish internet, I plea that we will have some fast accessible internet soon. Many of the residents in our area is currently studying at tertiary level and have to do lot of reasearches. It is also not affortable as working people to come to Sandre Grande to pay and use the internet. This is a very major problem which could jeopardise the future of the students learning. I will like to know when the work will start , so I will appreciate if I could get a time frame to work with please contact me at 748-3680 Thank You!

  34. Arima, Aripo, Arouca, Barrackpore, Basseterre, Biche, Icacos, Borde Narve, Brasso, Brazil, Busy Corner, Caparo, Carapichaima, Carlsen Field, Center Hill, Chaguanas, Chatham, Chin Chin, Claxton Bay, College Rd, Comprehensive, Coromandel, Coryal, Couva, Crown Point, Cumana, Cumberbatch, Cumuto, Cunupia, Cushe/Navet, Debe, Four Roads, Frederick, Freeport, Fyzabad, Galeota, Gasparillo, Gran Couva, Grand Bazaar, Grand Riviere, La Brea
    La Romain, La Ruffin, Lady Young, Las Lomas
    Lopinot, Mantacool, Manzanilla, Marabella,
    Maracas, Matelot, Matura, Mausica, Mayaro, Moriah, Mt. Pleasant, Mt. St George, O’Meara Rd,
    Palo Seco, Penal, Penal Rock Rd, Piarco, Plymouth OPAC, Point Fortin, Point Lisas, Poole/Fonrose, Princess Town, Pampanalgas/Balandra, Rancho Quemado, Rio Claro, Riversdale, Rousillac, Roxborough, San Juan, Sangre Grande, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Saunders Road, Scarborough,
    Shillingford, Siparia, Socorro, Sepyside/Charlotteville, St Augustine, St Helena, Tabaquite/Guaracara, Talparo, Tarouba, Third Company, Toco, Todds Rd, Trincity, Valencia, Whiteland

  35. Coverage Areas Phase 2 – Nov – Jan

    Arima, Aripo, Arouca, Barrackpore, Basseterre, Biche, Icacos, Borde Narve, Brasso, Brazil, Busy Corner, Caparo, Carapichaima, Carlsen Field, Center Hill, Chaguanas, Chatham, Chin Chin, Claxton Bay, College Rd, Comprehensive, Coromandel, Coryal, Couva, Crown Point, Cumana, Cumberbatch, Cumuto, Cunupia, Cushe/Navet, Debe, Four Roads, Frederick, Freeport, Fyzabad, Galeota, Gasparillo, Gran Couva, Grand Bazaar, Grand Riviere, La Brea
    La Romain, La Ruffin, Lady Young, Las Lomas
    Lopinot, Mantacool, Manzanilla, Marabella,
    Maracas, Matelot, Matura, Mausica, Mayaro, Moriah, Mt. Pleasant, Mt. St George, O’Meara Rd,
    Palo Seco, Penal, Penal Rock Rd, Piarco, Plymouth OPAC, Point Fortin, Point Lisas, Poole/Fonrose, Princess Town, Pampanalgas/Balandra, Rancho Quemado, Rio Claro, Riversdale, Rousillac, Roxborough, San Juan, Sangre Grande, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Saunders Road, Scarborough,
    Shillingford, Siparia, Socorro, Sepyside/Charlotteville, St Augustine, St Helena, Tabaquite/Guaracara, Talparo, Tarouba, Third Company, Toco, Todds Rd, Trincity, Valencia, Whiteland

  36. Blink is based on a new dsl infrastructure so your area will not be blink ready until they upgrade your exchange, just like Flow and their digital cable.

    TSTT claims they will be doing the rest of the country from December, but that is deceiving since they still have to go exchange by exchange, just like Flow.

    Until your exchange is upgraded, Blink is not available to you and you do not have access to the $79 package.

    TSTT said that they do not require you to sign into a contract, a fact that they do not make public, but if you ask you can get it. Why would you want to do that? If you want to cancel the service the penalty is hefty, so choose wisely.

    Note that at the time of writing Flow has dropped their prices significantly, their 2M package is now something like $190 ( https://www.ttcs.tt/2007/10/30/new-november-2007-pricing-for-flow-trinidad-broadband/ ) way cheaper than TSTT’s $350.

    The issue with both parties, TSTT and Flow, will be execution, we all have experience with TSTT’s lack of proper execution and there are some reports of Flow problems, but for me personally, I will be switching to Flow when they are available in my area. Note, Flow does not lock into a contract.

  37. Does anyone actually have blink?
    I applied as soon as it came out, six weeks ago.
    I called TSTT said, by mid Nov everyone will be converted in my area (Diego).
    So far I am still being billed $400
    I called again today, now all of a sudden, they have no more asdl2 circuits….

    One of the many reasons I am migrating.. can’t wait to get out of this hot stupid country

  38. I have blink.. well, kindda. I am in Diego and they switched me about 2 weeks ago (then they switched my phone number with someone else!… but that is ‘another’ story).

    They gave me, without my asking, the 2MB package despite my 1) Calling ina and signing up with the 512KB plan, 2) Doing likewise by physically signing up at West Mall, and, 3) Doing likewise by signing up online!!! Somehow TSShitty is insisting that they have the right to rape me financially every month! I ain’t having it! I am fighting back!!! Or so I thought until they then decided that I needed a change of phone number and the BLINKING thing disappeared! So.. I back to Dial Up!!!! LOL! Man, this company is so blasted pathetic! Now I have spent over 5 hours of MY TIME on the phone and guess what… no closer to having my phone number nor de blinking thing!

    Anyway… in terms of speed the downloading of file FLIES (well, compared to the ‘old’ ADSL). I mean, what took 1 minute before happens in 10 seconds or less!

    However, I noticed NO SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in actual web surfing.

    Of course this is all faster than dial-up… but why are we talking dial-up in 2007/2008 TSShitty!

    So, in conclusion faster file downloads is about all I have seen in the blinking time I had blink.

    Oh, I am expected to pay for the phone and internet service I am not receiving! LOL… so they think!!!

  39. Dude i have not get blink as yet But today the net was so bad today in Tunapuna and different place today and it was real bad. SO Blink when r u come in this area and i hope that u do not F&^&*^&^ up

  40. tstt really think they can provide what they selling i have dsl i’m connected to tstt at 4mb but my download speed is about 29-31kb a sec.doh talk about my upload speed it’s worse small thing i’m switching as soon as another isp reaches up on my side

  41. could someone tell me how good blink is and there reliability and how much speed there is when more users get online.

  42. I received BLINK a few days ago and so far i cannot really complain. I am from San Fernando and I signed up for the 1MB package. I’ve done bandwidth tests on independent sites and most times it is either at the advertised speed or slightly higher. I usually download at just over 125 kilobytes per sec.

    Though I am yet to sign a contract with BLINK since I applied for the service online and was not notified through email or otherwise that i my plan had actually changed to BLINK.

    Previous to this I had the regular ADSL from TSTT for a couple years and had no serious complaints with it so I did not hesitate to go with BLINK.

  43. yo, i think is time south trinidad experience some high speed internet. and i’m not speaking about just sando and point, but everywhere in between and further. places like siparia, palo seco, erin, cedros etc.

  44. So far i have not get no big thing with flow net, the speed is up and run now But if my net with flow is down i will said.

  45. hey ppl, i from chaguanas charlieville in december 2007 i see in de papers that charlieville among many more areas are blink ready, however when i call dem tstt say i not on that exchange, so its now march 2008 and still no blink.

    also i heard that tstt had to pay digicel ah shit load of money so tstt is using de money from the blink program to pay digicel so the expansion of blink has stoped and there is no clear date when it will resume. anyone hear about this?


  46. I’m thinking of chosing blink, not because of the price but convenience. Flow’s network sucks because most of Trinidad or even half isn’t covered yet! (I am a noob at internet providers to I may be wrong).

  47. 1) Surprised people actually went to flow – cable is bad what did you expect?
    2) Have dial up – no prods. blink seems cheaper & UNLIMITED – I am worried about the real operating speed (256/64)?
    3) Applied for blink last year (twice) still waiting – living in Siparia.
    4) Anyone actually using blink to give a report

  48. Hey guys, I got the TSTT Blink 1 Megabit download / 256Kilobit upload package about 1.5 weeks ago. I am from the San Fernando area and all seems to be working fine. The speeds are as promised based on independent bandwidth tests and are generally a little more than the 1 megabit. HOWEVER, I don’t see why I should pay $229 dollars for half the service that FLOW provides. In other words, FLOW is offering 2mbit down and 1mbit up for $200 dollars which is more bang for your buck. TSTT better drop their prices again or I’ll be switching to FLOW (especially since there’s no contract)

  49. Trying to find out more about which service is actually better and more reliable. Has their been any actual independent testing done with any of these systems against a control?Which areas are most likely to suffer when multiple users log-on to the system? Are there drops in speed during what the companies term as peak hours? Why are prices remaining so high while there is active competition? We should encourage more companies to participate in the Internet access Broadband market. There are a lot of people who require the service but are not receiving proper value for their money and we as consumers should demand these services from the company. If there were no consumers for a particular service then that company would suffer. Always remember that the consumers have the power. The power is that almighty dollar we pay for any service.

  50. this is rel s**t i hate allyuh boy. TSTT cah do nuttin right. i switchin 2 flow. alll those considerin blink…STOP right there! they suck use sum1 else. high speed internet my a**

  51. I’ve been waiting for Blink for about 6 months now – but I notice there is now no mention of Blink on TSTT’s website. Does this seem wierd to anyone?

  52. I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread unless it’s hot hops of course.
    LG /life’s good.
    Crystal in Chaguanas is the prettiest rep. there and the friendliest.
    She’ll help with all your queries.

  53. I haven’t seen anyone talk about greendot service much….how is there service. I’m seeing alot of homes these days having a dish attached to it. Is this a sign of a better service from them?

    I applied online about 2 months now for blink……and right now I m willing to pay for a quality service than wait until ‘blink’ decides to provide you there service.

  54. Blink is all lies.I signed up for it 3 months ago and up to now I haven’t got my package.They keep saying in 3 weeks each and every time I am getting very fed up.And for other costumers go for green dot instead.

  55. I am going to sign up for Blink soon , im frim Chaguanas area and i hope that all this negative talk about TSTT and BLINK would turn out to be false. once i start using.
    ps…hoping it dont take more than 3 weeks to install

  56. U all think that bad?? I apply for blink since November 2007 and have not gotten it YET!!!!!

    I call EVERY WEEK and NOTHING!!! I live in San Juan…and everytime i call…oh is always some problem with d exchange…they having problems since fricking 2007, same story a whole 7 MONTHS now!!!

    Well, flow actually coming digital next week and i thinking about taking their internet…does anyone know how good it is and if it is worth it? Thinking bout taking the 2mbs package…


  57. I no i said it was taking long but now that i have gottn it, it is great.I took the second package and it takes no time to do anything downloading or just playing.I downloaded a game and iit took a few seconds now all i am waiting on is wireless.



  59. Well, i live in the South (Penal) area, and applied for the blink broadband service since november 2007, they said the service was not available and that i needed to wait until january..welll…guess what its JULY !. I call blink office and they say that the service is available in ym area, but because of a problem with the exchange, i cannot receive it..lol That makes LOTS of SENSE !!! … Keep up the good Work tstt, Yuh Doin Well..

  60. Hey guys, I signed up for BLINK and i got my package in two weeks. I signed up for the 1MB package and its simply perfect. The speed is amazing. However, they didn’t want to deliver my package at my house because I live in big bad Gonzales. I’m waiting to get my first bill to see if there are any surprises…

  61. tstt blink: speeds sucks
    price WAY too high
    service lame (as usual)
    did i mention the $$price$$ is WAY too HIGH

  62. Absolutely fed up with TSTT and their poor service.
    I am paying for a 2Mb package and getting less that 1Mb and the rest in excuses about the wiring in the area etc. Did they not knowthis before …..my GOD !!!
    Why is it always so difficult to get good service from TSTT
    Why do they seem to always make appears that it is unreasonable to expect excellence.

  63. TSTT Blink is a C———ING waste of time. First I wasn’t getting internet it would cut off for hours. Then the technician come , YES I getting now BUT every 5 minutes it cutting off!!!! So you see TSTT C——–ing full of S—!!!!!!!

  64. I’m paying for the 256k package.My speed is usually fine,but Blink download rate suck bigtime.Im trying to figure why tehy would advertise about 60-70k download when i’m only gettin 30-35,since the first time of installation.Also,dont let them install your inert,its very easy to do,i did mine for myself.And to that dude about the $700 thing,it is really $79.

  65. hi i signed up for blink in 2007. its now 16 months an as of this day and age my area hasnt been “upgraded” YET. i love tstt!

    1. That’s tough, frogeater, should investigate Flow Broadband (flowtrinidad.com) or wireless ISPs like GreenDot (gd.tt).

  66. signed up for 1mb since 2 months, they called last 2 weeks but we werent gonna be home when they were coming, so they rescheduled for weekend, then monday, then ,next weekend (last weekend) They NEVER CAME OR CALLED, i am extremely fed of this, i dont even no if i am going to get this.


  67. TSTT is the WORST internet service possible.Do not
    believe their advertisements. I had their pathetic service for approx. 4 years and lost approximately 7-12 days of service a month(Maraval area).All requests for technical assistance was met with indifference.When I moved in July 2008 the service never got transferred. Eventually I cancelled it in Dec 2008 .During that time I witnessed full page ads in the newspapers regarding that inferior service.TSTT should stay out of DSL.

  68. They had ppl in my area sign up only to be told after enquiring why it was taking so long to get installation that the service wasnt avilable yet in our area.

    And the best part is they dont knw when it will!!

    Disgusted!!! Thats been over 4 months………

  69. am i frustrated tested my speed and it is .25mbs faithfully paying my bill for 5 years. and complaining for the pass year getting directed to bangadish for months on end finally i understand that they are repairing a gable in san juan and they have been doing that for very long time why sell services that are not available.people in santacruz test your speed,bye the way i suppose to get 2mbs

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