Updated street maps of Trinidad in Google Maps

(Update 24 June 2008 : see Google Mapmaker enabled for Trinidad and Tobago )

(Update : 23 October 2007 : added links to hybrid versions and image of hybrid Google map of Port of Spain)

Just noticed that there are updated street maps in Google Maps for Trinidad. The street maps are more detailed in certain areas of Trinidad (sorry Tobago, no updated satellite imagery or street maps so far) and some of the streets are labelled along with several landmarks such as schools, shopping centers and police and fire stations. Neat stuff!

Check out the Google Maps of :

screenshot of Google map of Port of Spain, Trinidad showing satellite imagery with street namesscreenshot of Google map of Port of Spain, Trinidad

7 thoughts on “Updated street maps of Trinidad in Google Maps”

  1. i have a question, can google maps work on a blacknerry or iphone enabling you the get directions on google mpas on your phone…

  2. I’m finding POS maps online that exclude several streets between French and Murray Streets and wonder why. And unlike another writer who is concerned about privacy…I would say the images are extremely dated so unless you have to hide …don’t stress.

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