Ping times in Trinidad with broadband from Flow or Blink

Since I’ve gotten Flow broadband I’ve been playing online games (Quake 3 Arena, DotA Allstars) with another Flow subscriber using Hamachi.

The ping times are great ; typical ping times between two Flow subscribers (one in St. James, the other in Glencoe) are around 15-25ms. However, the ping time between a Flow subscriber and a TSTT Blink Broadband subscriber is around 220ms which results in some lag during gaming.

Anyone knows what the ping times are between two Blink Broadband subscribers? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Ping times in Trinidad with broadband from Flow or Blink”

  1. Well from playing on the local War3 server, I’d say around 200ms (or a little less) from blink to blink. (I could be very off here, it’s not a proper test.)

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