TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.90 released

screenshot of the web-based interface of TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.90

The TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.90, a collection of over 100 Free/Open Source software for Windows is available for download. This version features the updated software including v2.40 and Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.13 ; hence the version bump from planned v1.86.

TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.90 file details :

  • Date created : March 30th, 2008
  • File name : ttcs_osswin_cd_v1.90.iso
  • File size : 696 MB (729,970,688 bytes)
  • MD5 checksum : 3e209facf2c68715836baaadfee617db / 3e209fac f2c68715 836baaad fee617db
  • SHA-1 : 0c06c05e 1aaf8ce1 b4661b20 ea617165 878771d5
  • SHA-256 : 317b7e73 82b905b6 1b8c2197 c9b30c3c bc0a1e76 71324341 bbca81b4 f8022252

Changes from v1.85

  • updated, Programmers Notepad, TuxPaint, Portable Puzzle Collection, Sokoban YASC, GIMP, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Filezilla, XAMPP Lite, VirtualDub, VideoLAN, UltraVNC, TrueCrypt, Axcrypt, Autohotkey
  • removed DBDesigner4, Fullsync

Filefront mirror is up ; other download mirrors (including BitTorrent) will be updated soon.

8 thoughts on “TTCS OSSWIN CD v1.90 released”

  1. Grrr…hate when a program is updated less than 24 hours after the CD is uploaded (which is a 4 hour process (plus 3 hours uploading it)

  2. I “fixed” my own copy with the new Abiword files and a little editing in Notepad…

    I call it (just to myself) v1.90.1…

    Anyway, didn’t want to sound like I was being cheeky – thanks to the TTCS and all involved for this fine product. I am constantly burinig copies for less-enlightened friends and acquaintences…

  3. And Inkscape v0.46 is also available although at 35MB, another program on the CD would have to be removed for Inkscape v0.46 to be included on the CD

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