TTCS online meeting on Monday 3rd November 2008 from 7:30pm

The TTCS will be having an online meeting on Monday 3rd November 2008 at 7:30pm
via Skype. The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society skype account is
trinidadtobagocomputersociety“. Those with Skype accounts who wish to participate, add your Skype contact to the “trinidadtobagocomputersociety” Skype account or email admin at ttcsweb d.ot org with your Skype ID. Please confirm by email that you will be participating at this online meeting.

The focus of this online meeting is to discuss the draft Trinidad and Tobago Government Omnibus Technical
Standards (eGOTS) which describes the technical standards in the areas of

  • networking  (e.g IPv4, 802.11g, WebDAV)
  • data integration  (these relate to the format of the data being transferred including file format types e.g DOC, PDF, MP3)
  • application / presentation  (e.g POP3, CSS2, AJAX, RSS)
  • security (e.g Kerberos v5, SHA-256, WEP)
  • web services (SOAP 1.2, WS-Discovery, WS-Reliability v1.1)

to be used within and by the Trinidad and Tobago Government for the exchange of information between :
Government and citizens (G2C), Government and Businesses (G2B) and Different Government entities (G2G).
Standards are classified in terms of the maturity of their use within Trinidad and Tobago Government systems :

  • Under Observation – means that the standard is either on the list to consider or is under active consideration.
  • Approved – the standard has been adopted for use within the T&T public sector.
  • Deprecated – means that the standard is still in use within the T&T public sector. However, it has been superseded and should not be used on new projects.
  • Withdrawn – means that the standard has either been rejected at initial consideration, or withdrawn from use for security or other reasons. All users should move off withdrawn standards

The eGOTS will be discussed at a Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) this week, hence the nature and sudden notice of this meeting.