Rules for the TTCS discussion list

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society has a discussion list where members where can discuss computer / phone / telecommunications related topics and other TTCS matters/activities. It’s a great way to find other people who are interested in the same kinds of technology topics as you are, and to find other viewpoints you may not have considered before.

Our discussion list is a two-way list (if one person sends mail to the list, everyone signed up to the list receives it).

You can sign up for our list by sending a request to: secretary at

The mailing list guidelines for the TTCS discussion list are as follows, as approved by the TTCS executive on December 10, 2011:

This mailing list is a place for the members of the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) to have respectful dialogue about ICT matters that are of interest to the community. We want this list to be a fun and relaxing place to discuss ICT related issues, to share and to learn.

To this end, we expect members to comply with the following rules:

Members must observe an acceptable level of decorum and should therefore:

  • refrain from personal attacks, insults or slander
  • refrain from offensive or discriminating language
  • refrain from making threats, including threats of legal action, on-list or off-list
  • refrain from excessive and repetitive posting

Inappropriate postings to the TTCS Members list include:

  • Unsolicited bulk e-mail
  • Excessive publicity for businesses or personal interests – you can include your blog, business info etc in a footer to your message, but messages advertising your business to the TTCS membership en masse are inappropriate
  • Discussion of subjects unrelated to the TTCS mission and objectives
  • Unprofessional or discourteous commentary, regardless of the general subject

In addition to the foregoing,  Admins may take action if:

  • we observe sequences of messages by one or more participants that cause the TTCS mailing list to become a hostile environment
  • Any other behaviour that the TTCS Executive deems counter to our stated objectives
  • Any member contacts the admins regarding any post they find offensive.

If you find any post to be objectionable, please contact [email protected], or [email protected], including a copy of the objectionable email and your reasons for objection.