Draft Telecommunications (Universal Service) Regulations for the Republic of #Trinidad & #Tobago posted for comment



The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has posted the Draft Telecommunications (Universal Service) Regulations for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for public comment  until August 12 2013.

To quote from the introduction :

Considering the importance of telecommunication services, the concept of universal service was developed. Universal service focuses on facilitating accessible and affordable basic telecommunication services to all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Authority’s policy considerations in relation to the determination of universal service obligations are set out in the Universal Service Framework for Telecommunications Services in Trinidad and Tobago (“the Framework”), a document which has been subject to two rounds of public consultation. This document seeks to identify the services in respect of which universal service obligations shall apply, set out the Authority’s operational procedures for the Universal Service Fund into which contributors would be bound to contribute a percentage of their revenues and to identify the Universal Service initiatives which would be supported by the Fund.

The purpose of the draft Telecommunications (Universal Service) Regulations 2013 is to provide the necessary legal bases for the operation of the Universal Service Fund and for the imposition of obligations on concessionaires to implement such Universal Service initiatives as may be identified by the Authority.


The deadline for comments is August 12 2013. Comments can be posted to TATT, in accordance with TATT’s Procedures for Consultations in the Telecommunications Sectors of Trinidad and Tobago.