How to Quickly Get Started with Git ; possible use for our TTCS OSSWIN project


Git ( is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. As such, Git to used to manage and distribute the code in many Free and Open Source projects. 

Six Revisions has a detailed article “How to Quickly Get Started with Git” to show how you can use Git at

This article is inspiring me to consider using Git for our TTCS OSSWIN DVD, the free and open source collection of Free and Open Source software collection for Windows that the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society makes available for anyone to download.

I’ve been the sole lead maintainer for many years now, and I would like others to help

  • update the text used to describe the programs
  • add new programs to the collection with descriptions, screenshots, etc
  • update the design of the webpages

There is a mirror of the web interface of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD online at

Persons wanting to help with improving the TTCS OSSWIN DVD and taking it to the next level, let me know at [email protected]