text of opening address by CTU President and Minister of Technology, Jamaica, Hon. Phillip Paulwell to the Caribbean ICT Ministers’ Forum

Via iGovTT  is a link to the text of the opening address to the Caribbean ICT Ministers’ Forum by the CTU President, Hon. Phillip Paulwell, Minister of Technology, Jamaica.


The opening address featured:

  • the announcement that Digicel will remove intra-Caribbean voice roaming charges for Digicel subscribers in Caricom territories as of October 1 2013. “Each traveling subscriber will be treated as if he is using his local/domestic Digicel network throughout the region and therefore will be billed accordingly.”
  • start negotiations with Jamaica and Haita to remove taxation on international calls.
  • continuing negotiations with Digicel to remove data roaming charges.
  • engaging with LIME to remove voice and data roaming charges in Caricom territories.
  • a challenge for Caribbean peoples, Governments and telecoms operators alike to “think beyond voice telephony. Let us divest ourselves of this pre-occupation with voice and pursue what really should be our true goal: affordable and ubiquitous broadband Internet access.”
Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Jamaica and CTU president in 2013, Hon. Phillip Paulwell (credit : http://www.mem.gov.jm/)