Valve announces SteamOS, free standalone operating system

Valve, created of the Steam distribution platform for Windows, Mac and Linux  (and games) have posted the first of three announcements :


Excepts from the SteamOS announcement:

“SteamOS combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen. It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines.”

Four new Steam features available soon in both SteamOS and the Steam client :

  • “In-home streaming” – play your Windows and Mac games from existing computers on SteamOS
  • “Music, TV, movies” – access your music and video
  • “Family Sharing” – share Steam games with family members
  • “Family Options” – families will have control over what titles get seen by whom.

” SteamOS will be available soon as a free download for users”