Telecom Authority of #Trinidad & #Tobago Draft “Consumer Rights and Obligations Policy” out for comment until December 12 2013

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has published for comment a Draft Consumer Rights and Obligations Policy. This is the fourth version of the policy incorporating changes prompted by comments received by TATT.

From the document:

“This Draft Consumer Rights and Obligations Policy seeks to make recommendations that would safeguard the interests of consumers in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors. The final policy should ensure that consumers have a right to the following:

  1. Access to essential telecommunications and broadcast services; 
  2. Access to the information required to make informed consumption decisions; 
  3. Personal privacy which is respected and protected; 
  4. Minimum standards for consumer-related service quality; 
  5. Protection from unfair and anti-competitive business practices; 
  6. Effective and efficient complaint recognition, handling and resolution; 
  7. Information which creates an awareness of relevant consumer obligations.”


Deadline for comments is December 12 2013 using the TATT ‘s Procedures for Consultation in the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Sectors of Trinidad and Tobago