Hole-in-the-Wall experiment launched in Sea Lots, Port of Spain, #Trinidad

Via a Newsday article dated September 8 2014 :

“CHILDREN in Sea Lots, Port-of-Spain, now have free Internet service and can play educational games on a computer, thanks to the international social learning experiment “Hole-in-the-Wall”

Created in India by educational researcher Prof Sugata Mitra, the experiment allows children to explore the Internet on their own and in so doing learn new skills…..

……Mitra explained that Hole-in-the-Wall is a 19-inch monitor and keyboard secured in a booth, which is accessible to the children who would be able to learn and enhance their skills while researching on their own.”

“Mitra was participating in the launch of the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training and the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme’s (YTEPP) Public Access Learning System (PALS) yesterday at the Sea Lots Community Centre.”

Professor Sugata Mitra talked about his “hole in the wall” experiment at a TED talk in 2007