Cybercrime Bill 2015

The Cybercrime Bill 2015 and the Trinidad and Tobago Cyber Security Agency Bill 2015 were introduced in the House of Representatives by the Minister of National Security Brigadier General Carlton Alfonso on May 1 2015.

The Cybercrime Bill 2015 seeks “to provide for the creation of offences related to cybercrime and related matters” and if passed would repeal the Computer Misuse Act 2000

The key changes between the Cybercrime Bill 2014 and the Cybercrime Bill 2015 were:

  • the penalties were adjusted for the various cybercrime offences
  • Clause 17 in the 2014 bill re: creating the offence of child pornography through the use of ICT was removed in the Cybercrime 2015 bill

However, the Cybercrime Bill 2015 lapsed with the end of the Parliamentary session on June 17 2015.