TTravelPass portal launches for persons to apply to travel to Trinidad and Tobago

With the reopening of Trinidad and Tobago’s borders in mid July 2021, the Ministry of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago has launched “TTravel Pass” at (Note the spelling!).

TTravel Pass’s registration page

Persons wanting to travel to Trinidad and Tobago can file an application (and upload various documents) to get a TTravel Pass to travel to Trinidad and Tobago. See on the full details of the application process and the required documents.

Some observations :

  • Given the unusual spelling (TTravel Pass) as opposed to “TT Travel Pass”, perhaps the domain should be created to redirect to (Update July 15 2021 : this was implemented!)
  • However, why not use a simpler domain like ?
    It would be easier to remember and say. The name TTravel Pass could still be used
    throughout the site. (Update July 15 2021 : redirects to )
  • What’s the data retention policy for travelers’ documents uploaded to TTravel Pass ?
  • The footer on the TTravel Pass website says “Developed and Licensed by: Amber Innovations (An Amber Group Company)“. The Amber Group company was also the developer of the Jamaican Government’s JamCOVID site . Earlier this year, Techcrunch reported that the JamCOVID site exposed immigration records and COVID-19 test results of travelers to Jamaica. After the initial lapse was fixed, two more security lapses of the JamCOVID website were also reported by Techcrunch.