TATT publishes 2nd version of National Emergency Communications Plan for comments

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has published a second version of the “Consultative Document on the National Emergency Communications Plan” (PDF ; 169 pages ; 3MB) in January 2022 for comments due March 16 2022.

The scope of the proposed National Emergency Communcations Plan is to:

1. identify and facilitate necessary upgrades to the existing land mobile radiocommunications system, enabling all emergency/disaster responders to communicate and share information on a reliable, flexible telecommunications and ICT system across all agencies, in the event of a threat or hazard, as needed and when authorised.

2. identify a contingency system which allows emergency/disaster response agencies to maintain communications in the event of damage to or destruction of their primary telecommunications and ICT systems infrastructure.

3. develop resilient systems for public notifications, alerts and warnings.

4. establish systems and processes for the urgent restoration of basic telecommunications and ICT services (voice and data) in affected areas.

5. propose appropriate upgrades for the reporting of local emergencies/disasters by the public, to include voice, video and data messages.

6. establish a contingency emergency/disaster communications system for contacting regional and international agencies.

7. identify how to include the assistance of amateur operators during emergency events.”

The first version of the National Emergency Communication Plan was posted in 2017 and the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society submitted comments on the first version of the National Emergency Communications Plan .