Ministry of Public Administration consultation on the management of .tt ccTLD on Wednesday December 17th – what are your thoughts for .tt?

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society has been invited by the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) to  a consultation on the .tt country code Top Level Domain policy this Wednesday. From the text of the invitation :

“The .tt ccTLD is the country code top level domain for Trinidad and Tobago. A country code top level domain is an Internet top-level domain, generally used or reserved for a country or a dependent territory. ccTLD identifiers are two letters long, and currently all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs. Creation and delegation of ccTLDs is performed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and generally corresponds to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes maintained by the United Nations.

In some countries they are very popular (.de is the most popular, second only to .com in number of registrations), less so in others. Some countries use the ccTLD as a revenue generator (.tv) while others use it as a national resource and for country branding (.uk, .au). In general, .tt is little known either inside or outside the country, and there has been little interest among most of the local Internet stakeholders in its use or policies.

The Trinidad and Tobago government has been working on a process to develop a plan for local policy development for the Trinidad and Tobago ccTLD – .tt. It has been run for many years by the ttNIC (a local company), but the time has come to have a national consensus multi-stakeholder policy for the local management of this Internet resource, and an inclusive and transparent consultative process to get there.

The key objective of this consultation is to get the views of Internet stakeholders on the major policy issues that inform the management of the .tt ccTLD. Other objectives of this consultation include:

  • To present models for ccTLD management

  • To discuss guidelines and best practices for ccTLD management
  • To discuss potential for re-delegation of the .tt ccTLD from the current administrator (TTNIC)
  • To identify prioritised actions, processes and indicative schedules for developing the .tt ccTLD as a national resource”

There have been many posts on this to the TTCS discussion mailing list (scroll to the bottom of the page for the responses). Your thoughts?

TTCS meeting on October 11 2008 – TTCS Comments on Draft National E-business policy of Trinidad and Tobago

Note : May 14 2013 : this page makes references to the TTCS wiki in use at the time which is no longer in use. We’ve added local copies of the documents mentioned for reference.



Update (20 Oct 2008) – comments submitted. View the Google document of the questions and our submitted answers.

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society will be having a meeting on Saturday October 11th, 2008 from 1pm to 5pm at Engineering Consultants at 112A Edward Street, Port of Spain.

At this meeting, we will be framing our response to the proposed National E-business Policy of Trinidad and Tobago (PDF ; 745K ; 25 pages) .  The deadline for comments is Monday October 13th, 2008.

However, you can make and review the existing comments BEFORE the meeting on the TTCS wiki page on the Draft National Policy on Electronic Business for Trinidad and Tobago .

To add/modify comments on the TTCS wiki page, just select the “Edit this page” button. At the login screen, the wiki password is “ttcswebwiki” ; enter your name and email address to proceed to add/edit the comments on the Draft National Policy on Electronic Business for Trinidad and Tobago.

Comments to the Ministry of Public Admin must use the fastforward’s e-Town Hall Website at

Computers for communities launched

Not much was heard about the Computers for Communities announced by the (then) Ministry of Public Administration and Information (MPAI) last year. See

for more background information. However, the project has now been launched according to a Newsday newspaper article dated Thursday, October 2 2008 :

PUBLIC Administration Minister Kennedy Swaratsingh has urged further collaboration between private and public sector entities to ensure citizens have access to computers in the near future.

He was speaking at the launch of the Computers for Communities programme at the Hilton recently. The programme is a pilot project done by the Ministry and the Commonwealth Secretariat. The project is part of a Commonwealth initiative called the Connects Programme and will eventually affect the entire region.

Microsoft Corporation has agreed to assist the initiative by providing knowledge and experience regarding the implementation of the first refurbishment centre. Swaratsingh, at the launch, commended Microsoft’s participation in the project.

“Computers for Communities, as it is being called, primarily seeks to develop and implement a national and sustainable system for collecting, upgrading and repairing used computer equipment for distribution to communities across Trinidad and Tobago,” a release issued by the ministry stated.

Read rest of Newsday article.

MPA releases Draft National Policy on Electronic Business For Trinidad and Tobago

The Ministry of Public Admin (MPA) has released a “Draft National Policy on Electronic Business for Trinidad and Tobago” (PDF ; 648K). According to this 23 page document, the aim of the policy is :

To develop a vibrant and sustainable e-Business industry that will contribute to the
transformation of Trinidad and Tobago’s economic paradigm towards one that has a
significant knowledge base, through:

  • Strengthening the Nation’s infrastructure;
  • Clarifying market place rules;
  • Developing networks;
  • Increasing participation;
  • Developing the Nation’s human resources; and
  • Developing the Nation’s R&D and Innovation Capacity.

The objectives :

This policy paper intends to identify actions that the Government of the Republic of
Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT) will need to take in collaboration with the private
sector and academia, in order to create an economic, infrastructural and human
resource environment in which e-Business opportunities are relatively easy to take
advantage of by businesses and individuals.
In this regard, the proposals herein are structured to minimize the direct intervention
of Government in taking these proposals forward; this is to encourage increased
competitiveness of the ICT sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

The document also gives a glimpse of planned government policies :

  • Fastforward II Trinidad and Tobago’s National ICT Plan, 2008–2013
  • Government of Trinidad and Tobago e-Legislative agenda
  • Hosting policy (presumably related to the Internet Bandwidth Management policy)
  • e-Payments position paper
  • National Broadband Action Plan

The deadline for comments has not been announced as yet but the TTCS will update this entry along with a link to where we can co-ordinate our response to this policy.

Download :