Summary of TTCS meetings held in 1998

Meetings were held at the Brass Institute #117A Henry Street, Port of Spain (next to Spectakula Forum), courtesy of Francis Pau.

Meetings were held at the Frank Stockdale building at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, courtesy of Curtis Mike.

The computers used for the meetings were provided by Pcw and/or Dave while refreshments were provided by Francis Pau.



Saturday 7th February 1998 – Word processing tips

Pcw demonstrated several word processing tips on how to create better looking documents using Microsoft Word 97.

Saturday 6th June 1998 – Spreadsheet tips

Pcw talked about how to create better spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel 97.

Saturday 29th August 1998 – Alternative web browsers

Dev talked about several web browsers that can be used as alternatives to Netscape Communicatorand Microsoft Internet Explorer e.g.

Saturday 26th September 1998 – The Year 2000 problem

Pcw and Dave discussed the Year 2000 problem as it relates to personal computers; they looked at the hardware and the software aspects (the latter includes both operating system software and application software).

Various ways of testing your PC as well as solutions to various Y2K situations were also presented.

The results of our research for this topic are on our Year 2000 page.

Sunday 25th October 1998 – Windows 95 Troubleshooting

Razor discussed various Windows 95/98 error messages that users may (would ? 🙂 ) encounter and how to resolve them.

The meeting was held at the Brass Institute on Henry Street, Port of Spain (next to Spektakula Forum).

Saturday 28th November 1998 – End of Year “Lime”

No formal presentation was made during this final get-together for 1998.