Draft National Policy on Electronic Transactions (2004)

The Draft National Policy on Electronic Transactions was released for comment in November 2004 by the Ministry of Public Administration and Information (MPAI). According to the text:

“This document provides the principles that will guide the policy for completion of The Electronic Transactions Bill….The main purpose of the Electronic Transactions Policy is to provide the legal framework for electronic transactions. This framework seeks to provide the legal principles to regulate the use of electronic documents and electronic signatures. The Policy provides the legal requirements governing records to be prepared in an electronic form and sets out the basic rule that an electronic record is not subject to legal challenge merely because it is in electronic form.
The Policy recognizes that a legally binding document can be crated by use of an electronic signature. The Policy also provides for the formation of contract electronically and communication of electronic records. The Government is empowered under to make regulations relating to the use, import and export of
encryption programs and other encryption products, and with respect to the protection of personal data. Furthermore, the Policy also makes provision for intermediaries and ecommerce service providers, and for the establishment of an Advisory Board to advise Government on the execution of this policy.”

Download the Draft National Policy on Electronic Transactions  (PDF ; 15 pages ; size: 156K)

Read the TTCS comments on the Data National Policy on Electronic Transactions  (TXT : 8K)