Earthquake in Trinidad and Tobago

There was an earthquake yesterday (Sunday 15th July, 2007) around 9:30pm . It was felt in areas of Port of Spain and environs, Lopinot, San Fernando and St. Augustine, Trinidad. Magnitude of the earthquake was 4.0. So far, no reports of damage or injuries has been reported.

Amazingly, when there was an earthquake last year, I discovered that the Seismic Research Unit of the University of the West Indies (UWI) website was updated within the hour of the earthquake with information about the earthquake. Impressive that the seismic unit has a system in place to update their website soon after such an event.

Meanwhile other websites like the Trinidad Metorological Service still hasn’t been updated since 2005 and is still defaced (See TTCS podcast #5) and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) website also hasn’t been updated since 2005. Neither of these websites can be relied upon to find out information when tropical/wave/storm /hurricance warnings/alerts.