Flow’s broadband pricing

Update edit : 30th Oct 2007 : new Flow pricing

Update Edit : 3rd Sept 2007 : Flow announces new speeds for its u-click unlimited 2 package

Update Edit (4:11pm) : clarified that pricing is monthly and added information and link to Flow’s service charges section.

Saw on the TTCS discussion mailing list, that Flow, (the cable company in Trinidad and Tobago) has released its pricing for broadband on its website and it is better than what the initial brochures had :

Broadband Internet packages from Flow :

All prices in TT dollars per month and are VAT inclusive

  • u-click 20
    • 20 hours per month, 1 email address ;
    • 1Mbps download, 256Kbps upload
    • $91.99
  • u-click 50
    • 50 hours per month, 1 email address ;
    • 1Mbps download, 256Kbps upload
    • $164.44
  • u-click Unlimited 1
    • unlimited hours, 3 email addresses
    • 2Mbps download, 512Kbps upload
    • $390.99
  • u-click Unlimited 2
    • unlimited hours, 5 email addresses
    • 4Mbps download, 2Mbps upload 6Mbps download, 2Mbps upload as of September 1st, 2007
    • $689.99
  • Flow Service charges (applies to all packages ; appears to be one time service charges with one exeception )
    • Existing Flow Customer Installation Fee : $114.99
    • Internet Only Customer Installation Fee : $158.70
    • Existing Flow Customer Modem Fee : $459.99
    • Internet Only Customer Modem Fee : $689.99
    • Modem Insurance ( Optional Charge) : $11.50 (think this is a monthly charge)
    • Stolen Modem (insured modem) : free
    • Stolen Modem (not insured) : full price of modem

Wow. Very impressive pricing. It is available for areas that Flow has converted to digital service. Wonder how TSTT and other ISPs are going to respond to this.

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29 thoughts on “Flow’s broadband pricing”

  1. flow internet packages are the most reasonable in the country right now, the downtime of the servers not often than before, speed holy damn this thing is like a jet i have 2mb down and 512k up and am satisfied……

  2. How soon will this service arrive in Sangre Grande and Cumuto? I’m patiently awaiting its arrival.

    Many thanks!

  3. My only wish is that we in the South could be part of the Flow internet service ASAP!!!!! for the prices looks great and is more than affordable and reading some of the feed back, I my self can’t wait. So please bring it to the South by the way I’m from La Romaine

  4. i would like to know if flow gives coverage to residents in little cora road cumuto.and how it is done if possible

    1. Hello Melissa Ramjattan I saw you question dd 20.09.07 and wanted to know if you have already signed up with Flow. if you have not and would like to speak to someone @ Flow you can call me @ 223-3569 ext 1123 or 338-5661.

      Best regards
      Georgiana Philip
      Outbound Sales Specialist
      Sales Marketing and Communications department.

  5. Nice work…..well from what i hear…..Nice….. I’m trying to check out ur website….Not much information on ur website’s html version though…..need to address that for us folks from the dark ages who dont have flash.

  6. Hi and good day i live at Beetham Estate in Laventille and i was wondering jus why is it that this location is so close to Port-of-Spain and that it is not digitalized or is it jus the location… well could you let me know the reason thanks in advance.

  7. El Socorro ready by what happen to the other side on San Juan man? Allyuh STICKIN! Ah right on de Saddle Road. Please make it happen soon.

  8. Flow is crap u should go for blink.Ihave flow and from what i heard it is a shared line so it will go fast sometimes and other times go slow.Blink on the other handis not shred so it always go fast.

  9. flow is ALWAYS giving trouble. sometimes it is down for an entire day. see which internet offers suit you best. but i’m telling you….use flow at your own risk!!!

  10. I am pleading for this srv to be in Preysal village Powdharrie Rd, please let it reach fast im in need of it.thank you sooooooooo much

  11. Why is the cost edited in that dark blue colour that is so hard to see huh?? is that how ‘impressive’ the price is? If it really was it would have been boldly displayed!

    1. Hi, thanks for pointing that out. The previous theme used had a white background. I’ve updated the post to remove the dark blue colour.

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