TTCS meeting on Thursday 18th October 2007 from 6pm at TSTT’s office in Port of Spain

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) will be having a meeting on Thursday 18th October 2007 from 6-8pm at TSTT’s offices at 116 Edward Street, Port of Spain.

At this meeting, we will be meeting with Mr. Joseph P. Herde, the Head of Broadband Marketing and Sales at TSTT, to discuss TSTT’s new broadband ADSL2+ service called “Blink Broadband”.

Space is limited for this meeting. Persons interested in attending this meeting are asked to “register” for it by sending an email to admin at ttcsweb d.o.t org with the subject line “want to attend meeting with TSTT” and your full name and a telephone number

Do you have questions you would like to ask TSTT about Blink Broadband?
You can login to the TTCS wiki and add your question(s) to this page:

Suitable questions will be collected and used at the meeting on the 18th October 2007.