ICANN Los Angeles 2007 meeting from October 27th-November 2nd, 2007 – how you can participate

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 30th meeting is being held at Los Angeles. As always, a variety of Internet related matters will be discussed. The main meeting page is at http://losangeles2007.icann.org/ where you can view the meeting events sorted either by committees/organisations (GNSO, At-Large, NCUC, etc…..), subject topic (ccTLD, IPv6, IDN, gTLDs, etc) or by type (working groups, public forums, webcasts) and of course by day.

Several meetings are webcast, meaning you can view/listen to the meeting live. You will need to install the Real Player to listen to the audio stream or the video stream.

Note that for Trinidad and Tobago, there is a three hour difference between the stated times. So for example the ccNSO meeting on Tuesday 30th October, 2007 from 9am to 5pm is from 12noon to 8pm in Trinidad. Often the presentations and relevant documents are available for download in PDF format so you can follow the presentation while listening to the audio.

The installation of the Real Player on Windows was uneventful and I noticed no problems. I listened to the Monday 29th October 2007 GNSO Workshop on New gTLDs meeting and it went well on my 256kbits/s ADSL connection.

Many meetings, including those that are webcast also has a web based chat feature which allows you to ask questions and well, chat during the meeting with other attendees who are logged in as well as with other remote participants. You can ask someone via the web chat to actually ask a question to the panel discussion.

Many of the meetings, especially the public and webcast ones are transcribed and meeting transcripts are made available soon after the meetings. So check out the ICANN Los Angeles Meeting page.