New version of Kobo Deluxe available!

When Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.9 was released on November 1st, 2007, starting preparing the TTCS OSSWIN CD. Hmm….a few more updates since I last checked the TTCS OSSWIN CD for updates….: Gimp v2.4.1, Scorched Earth, Freeciv….. ….then I see a version 0.41 of Kobo Deluxe is available!

Screenshot of Kobo Deluxe, a great multi-platform game

A description for the uninitiated : Kobo Deluxe is a third person scrolling 2D shooter with a simple and responsive control system – which you’ll need to tackle the tons of enemy ships that shoot at you, chase you, circle around you shooting, or even launch other ships at you, while you’re trying to destroy the labyrinth shaped bases. There are 50 action packed levels with smoothly increasing difficulty, and different combinations of enemies that require different tactics to be dealt with successfully.

Kobo Deluxe is loads of fun, classical arcade style (and addictive!) gameplay! I’ve already created a Windows installer for the TTCS OSSWIN CD.