Warcraft III v1.21b latest patch

Two bits of recent (and good!) news for Warcraft III players  :

First, Blizzard has released a Warcraft III patch v1.21b which allows you to run the installed game without the Warcraft CD.

Secondly, possibly the most popular game using the Warcraft III engine, DoTA AllStars (my friends haven’t played regular Warcraft III LAN games since we discovered since discovering DoTA Allstars) has a new AI version (i.e so you can play with/against bots) : 6.48b AI+ v1.52 (login required).

6 thoughts on “Warcraft III v1.21b latest patch”

  1. The AI probably has no means of determining how to play the new N’ aix, and I didn’ t try to make it do something with it. Fortunately RGB did add a way to force the computer players to repick if necessary, so be sure to utilise it if they pick N’ aix. Additionally, the AI will not try to get Orchid’ s Malevolence or Shiva’ s Guard, so if you’ re trying to figure out how to counter builds with these items, you’ re out of luck unless you play online.

  2. Ive got some trouble with the patch! i cant play it… -.- When i press on the exe it says: Frozen Throne was unable to find War3.exe. Please make sure your game is correctly installed, and that your Frozen Throne disc is in your CD-ROM drive, and try again. Ive tried reinstalling the game 2 times without luck. Can anyone help me?

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