Trinidad and Tobago Education Ministry to consider installing network cameras in 36 schools

According to a Saturday 16th February 2008 Newsday article, The Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago is reviewing a proposal by the National Maintenance Training and Security Co Ltd (MTS) to install network cameras in 36 schools at a cost of $15 million TT. A pilot project has begun with the Barataria Secondary Comprehensive School (an 11 acre site with 15 buildings) with 10 network cameras. From the article :

The surveillance systems are meant “to enhance the safety and security” of the students, staff and school property as it transmits live camera feeds via the Internet from the respective sites to security booths as well as to a centralised location………The system includes panic buttons [and] intercom services

Newsday also has a photo of one of the network cameras being used.  It looks like a Axis 212 PTZ Network Camera which costs about $600 US.

3 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago Education Ministry to consider installing network cameras in 36 schools”

  1. Generally I welcome the move as it will provide evidnece now for future court cases involving schools.

    While this might seem like a good initiative it can be counterproductive. I am a teacher. Equipment goes walking out the compound all the time. It is damaged in the attempted theft or simply with misuse. Students may actually delight in being taped and having their misdeeds filmed.

    Their is the other side of the coin, would I as a teacher want to be filmed every class every day. As a parent would any of us want anyone to have footage of our children WITHOUT our consent. This might raise a legal issue

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