Summary of TTCS meetings in 2009

We hold two types of meetings : Pizza Limes and Tech Meetings. A Pizza Lime is the name given to our monthly discussion forum which is usually held at Pizza Hut, Roxy Roundabout, Port of Spain on the second Wednesday of the month. The tech meeting is when we have computers on site to demonstrate a particular type of hardware or software.


Thursday February 12th, 2009- PizzaLime

Saturday February 21st, 2009 – TTCS Podcast 16

Recorded on Carnival Saturday, see for shownotes and recordings.

Saturday 21st March 2009

Held at ENCO, we talked about

  • planning for Software Freedom Day 2009;
  • ideas for TTCS arising from the recently concluded ICANN Mexico meeting.

Saturday 28th March 2009 – Nintendo Balance Board/Wii Fit

Held at Handarnold, we tried the Wii Balance Board along with the Wii Fit game for the Nintendo Wii. The Wii Balance board is a peripheral device shaped like a household scale that measures a user’s weight and balance to interact with games.

Saturday 9th May 2009 – SFD2009 planning

planning session for Software Freedom Day 2009, planning for upcoming meeting on Windows 7, activities of TTCS within ICANN and discussion of other TTCS activities.

Wednesday 13th May 2009

Come join us as we eat and chat about :

Saturday May 16th, 2009 – Windows 7RC

Held at ENCO, we looked at the release candidate (RC) of Microsoft Windows 7 by installing Windows 7 RC on at least two machines.

Tuesday 16th June 2009

Held at Pizza Hut, VALSAYN,  we talked about:

Wednesday July 29th, 2009

Online meeting via Skype to discuss planning for Software Freedom Day 2009

Wednesday August 19 2009

Online meeting to finalise plans and the text for the letters for Software Freedom Day 2009.

Wednesday August 26th, 2009

Online meeting to finalise plans and the text for the letters for Software Freedom Day 2009.

Saturday September 5th, 2009 – SFD 2009 Tobago

The TTCS had its first Tobago event with a booth at the Gulf City Lowlands Mall, Tobago about Software Freedom on Saturday September 5th, 2009 from 10am to 5pm.

There was a good turnout ; we had 50 TTCS OSSWIN CDs & 50 Ubuntu CDs
and towards the end, we had to burn 10 additional CDs and 5 additional
Ubuntu CDs to give out. 220 flyers were given out and it was estimated
that up to 200 patrons visited the TTCS booth at Gulf City, Lowlands Mall.

Pictures from TTCS SFD booth in Tobago Sept 5, 2009 are on Flickr at and on Facebook

The hard-working TTCS group who made the Tobago booth happen :

Saturday September 12th, 2009

SFD booth at Long Circular Mall, Trinidad. Distributed about 140 Ubuntu CDs, 140 TTCS OSSWin CDs and 250 Flyers.

Flickr :

Photos Facebook TTCS Fan Page :


Saturday September 19th, 2009 – “Open Minds, Open Source: For Beginners

SFD Information Session on “Open Minds, Open Source: For Beginners” at St Mary’s College, Port of Spain.

Facebook TTCS Fan Page :

Saturday September 19th, 2009 – “Exploring Open Source Possibilities: For Intermediates”

SFD Information Session on “Exploring Open Source Possibilities: For Intermediates

Photos on Facebook TTCS Fan Page :

Saturday October 3rd, 2009 – “Building with FLOS: Open Source for Developers

Our 3rd information session on SFD 2009 “Building with FLOS: Open Source for Developers”

Saturday 10th October 2009

Did an analysis of our recently concluded Software Freedom Day meetings for 2009, and ideas/planning for future non-SFD TTCS activities.

Tuesday December 8 2009 – Windows 7

TTCS recently attended in a meeting on Tuesday, December 8 to learn more about Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7 (

Once the room was filled, about 5:30 P.M., the meeting commenced. The audience, which numbered roughly fifteen persons, ranged from TTCS veterans to a few new faces. We were welcomed by the affable Pradeep Raman, General Manager of Microsoft Trinidad, who introduced himself and shared a bit about his background.

He then introduced the evening’s presenter, the confident and articulate Microsoft Technology Specialist, Jonathan Jagai. The presentation, “What’s New In Windows 7”, was moderately technical, and covered several new features of Microsoft latest operating system.

Jonathan initially gave a broad overview of new Windows 7 features, then went into more depth with each feature. The slides showed the customer feedback upon which new features were designed and implemented. A brief explanation of the underlying technology was given. Where possible, the feature was demonstrated in Windows 7.

Some features covered included:
* DirectAccess, which seamlessly provided intranet connectivity to users when they connected to the Internet
* BranchCache, which reduced network traffic on WANs
* Windows XP Mode, which transparently ran Windows XP applications in a virtual environment

Several new features of the Aero interface were also demonstrated, including the Aero Peek, Aero Snap and Aero Shake, among others. Aero’s eye candy was rivaled only by the PowerPoint 2010 graphics.

Far from being XP with an Aero interface, Windows 7 was designed from the ground up with security, usability and stability in mind.

After the hour-long presentation was concluded, a number of questions were fielded and answered thoughtfully by the presenter. Refreshments were provided afterwards and the evening’s gathering concluded around eight o’clock.

A free 90-day trial for Windows 7 Enterprise is available from TechNet: