Trinidad and Tobago Wi-Fi hotspots

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The following is a list of venues such as restaurants and hotels (in no particular order) where internet access via Wi-Fi is known to be available to patrons and visitors to these estabishments. Details on how to configure your laptop to connect to these Wi-Fi networks should be obtained from the restaurant/hotel. Some restaurants/hotels may charge a fee for Wi-Fi internet access. [A map (volunteers needed to update this) is also available to clarify locations.]

(Last updated: 14 September 2016)


Public WiFi Hotspots

    • Bmobile’s Bzone
      TSTT offers WiFi hotspots at various locations for free to bmobile and Blink Broadband customers. See the list of Bzone locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Bmobile and Blink Broadband customers must register at to access Bzone hotspots.


      An initiative by the Trinidad and Tobago Government to provide free WiFi Internet access to public spaces, beginning with WiFi Internet service on several Public Transportation Service Corporation (PTSC) buses. See the

TTWifi page

      for the list of locations and their

FAQ page




  • Piarco Airport, Trinidad
  • Kapok Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel, Trinidad
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, Trinidad
  • The Normandie Hotel, Trinidad
  • The Chancellor Hotel, Trinidad
  • Cara Suites, Trinidad
  • Marriott Hotel, Trinidad
  • Paria Suites, Trinidad


  • National Library Building, Port of Spain
  • Carnegie Public Library
  • Point Fortin Public Library
  • St. Helena Public Library
  • Sangre Grande Public Library