#Trinidad #Tobago PayPal users can receive money from other PayPal users & withdraw to a credit,debit or prepaid card

Via the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) email discussion list, comes news that PayPal, a popular online payment provider has expanded its offerings to Trinidad and Tobago PayPal users.

Previously, PayPal users in Trinidad and Tobago could only send money to other Paypal users.


Now, PayPal users in Trinidad and Tobago can receive payments from anyone with an email address via PayPal and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

Futhermore, PayPal users in Trinidad and Tobago can withdraw funds from their PayPal account to a U.S Bank Account or to a local credit, debit or prepaid card issued by Visa in Trinidad and Tobago.

Here’s a screenshot from https://www.paypal.com/worldwide/ : 


Questions on the TTCS discussion list continue as to how money on your credit card can be transferred to your local bank account (short answer: doesn’t appear to be a way)

Regardless, this is an opportunity to allow persons in Trinidad and Tobago with a PayPal account to easier attempt to run a e-commerce site as they can receive payments online to their PayPal account. At least, Trinidad and Tobago PayPal users can keep any funds received to buy items online.