Autoruns for Windows v11.70 released

A new version of the Windows Sysinternals utility “Autoruns for Windows” has been released.

Version 11.70 can be downloaded from the Sysinternals site.

(screenshot of Autoruns for Windows from the Windows Sysinternals site)

What is Autoruns for Windows? It is a valuable tool to look at the various locations where programs can run when Windows boots up or when you login. There are many (many!) locations where programs, including viruses, spyware and malware can surreptitiously install themselves. With Autoruns for Windows, you can view all of the programs that launch during Windows bootup and select which program you want to disable. Obviously, you have to pay attention or you may disable a critical Windows component resulting in a non-booting Windows installation

You can also use it to troubleshoot offline Windows installs, meaning you can take a suspect hard drive with an installation of Windows and disable startup entries on that hard drive. 

The Defrag Tools: #5 – Autoruns and MSConfig show demonstrates Autoruns in action, at around the 13th minute.

If you interested in these type of tools, check out our All Purpose Windows troubleshooting and upgrading USB or DVD drive article.