Draft Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework version 2.0 posted for comment


The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) has posted a draft version 2.0 of its Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework (CIGPF) document for general review and comments.

According to the CTU:

The CIGPF was first issued in 2009 and is the product of inputs, discussions and feedback compiled from the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (CIGF), a multi-stakeholder group which has been convened annually by the CTU since 2005, initially in conjunction with the CARICOM Secretariat.

The document articulates a vision and mission for Internet Governance in the Caribbean, identifies key focus areas and recommendations for priority policy and operational actions. The CIGPF is intended to be used as a reference for regional governments and regulators in particular and other stakeholders generally, in navigating the increasingly complex world of Internet Governance by identifying appropriate priorities for Caribbean stakeholders.

This new issue of the CIGPF incorporates updates and additions warranted by new developments in this dynamic field and feedback inputs over the past few years. This draft is being posted now in advance of the 9th CIGF to be held in September in Curacao at which all further comments would be collated to enable subsequent official release of Issue 2.0. Key updates in this issue include:

  • rewording of the statement of Mission for Caribbean Internet Governance to highlight enhanced emphasis on security and lawful use of the Internet.
  • refinement of the strategic focus areas on infrastructure to reflect current thinking on the need for universal broadband access and development of critical Internet infrastructure
  • addition of a specific strategic focus area for “Legal Frameworks and Enforcement” (separate from the Internet Content focus area) in recognition of current global thrusts in these areas
  • new priority recommendations consequential to the above
  •  other general updates required by new information, technology, social developments or prior achievements.


Version 2 of the CIGPF is a marked-up version which highlights amendments made to the first CIGPF in January 2009, with sections shaded in blue indicating either new text or text appropriately relocated within the document. 


Comments can be submitted via email to [email protected] or the CTU’s website at http://ctu.int/internet-governance