Summary of TTCS meetings in 2013

We hold two types of meetings : Pizza Limes and Tech Meetings. A Pizza Lime is the name given to our monthly discussion forum which is usually held at Joe’s Pizza, St. Augustine on the second Wednesday of the month. The tech meeting is when we have computers on site to demonstrate a particular type of hardware or software.


Wednesday January 9 2013

Topics discussed

Saturday February 2 2013 – ““Data Breaches, a First-Hand Experience”

At this meeting at ENCO, Mr. Kevin Suares, a Systems Administrator at Central Connecticut State University in the United States discussed his experiences in dealing with two alleged data breaches at the University from technical, procedural and policy viewpoints.

Wednesday March 13

Topics discussed:

  • Data breach : commercial bank credit card records compromised?
  • Dominica finally gets an IXP; still none for TT?
  • TT infrastructure: susceptibility to intrusion and compromise? (general topic)
  • Facebook changes again.
  • Gaming: Sims #epicfail – failed online authentication.
  • Exchequers bill in Parliament

Saturday March 23 2013 – Raspberry Pi

Held in collaboration with the University of the West Indies, St Augustine (UWI) Faculty of Engineering from 2-4pm, Anil Ramnanan demonstrated the Raspberry Pi , a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard.

Wednesday, 22nd May 2013

Topics discussed:

Monday August 12 2013

Online meeting to discuss future TTCS activities

Saturday August 24 2013 – Google Chromecast and Google Chromebook Pixel laptop

At this meeting, Tracy Hackshaw demonstrated the Google Chromecast, billed as the easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV and the Google Chromebook Pixel , Google’s high-end laptop running Chrome OS.

Wednesday October 9 2013

Topics discussed:

  • ICT and the 2014 Budget
  • Apple’s new hardware changes (new iPhones, iMacs)
  • The Age of Steam: Valve gaming innovations (Steambox, SteamOS, Steampad)
  • Bye Bye Bye: Microsoft after Steve Ballmer
  • Zero Day: The Abuse of Unpatched IE Holes
  • Sour Berries: The Sale of Blackberry
  • upcoming AGM

Saturday October 26 2013 – flying Quadricopter demo

Held at the Queen’s Park Savannah, we (thanks to Anil) demoed the Parrot AR 2.0, a wi-fi enabled, Linux-powered flying Quadricopter and flew the Quadricopter using a phone and tablet.

Saturday December 14 2013 – discussion about Free and Open Source

Held at the Asian Buffet Restaurant, Trincity Mall,  we chatted Ace Suares, a Free and Open Source Advocate from Curaçao and who was travelling en route from giving workshops on open source at the University of Georgetown. We had the XO laptop and XO Tablet on hand.

Wednesday December 18 2013

End of year lime.